Box Office

Main Box Office (Bosanski kulturni centar), Branilaca Sarajeva 24
Meeting Point Cinema, Hamdije Kreševljakovića 13
Multiplex Cinema City, Trg djece Sarajeva
Art Cinema Kriterion / House of Shorts, Obala Kulina bana 2
Main Box Office: 10:00 - 19:00
Main Box Office: 16:00 - 20:00
Main Box Office: 10:00 - 19:00
Main Box Office: 08:30 - 22:00
Meeting Point Cinema: 11:00 - 23:00
Multiplex Cinema City: 11:00 - 22:00
Art Cinema Kriterion: one hour ahead of the screening
International Center for Children and Youth: one hour ahead of the screening
Children House Novo Sarajevo: one hour ahead of the screening
Novi Grad Cinema: one hour ahead of the screening
Open Air Cinema at "Safet Zajko" Center: one hour ahead of the screening
MMC - Ilidža Cinema: one hour ahead of the screening
Raiffeisen Open Air Cinema:  opening night - 15.00 KM, other screenings - 10.00 KM
Meeting Point Cinema: 5.00 KM, 6.00 KM, 7.00 KM
National Theatre: opening night - 15.00 KM, award ceremony - 20.00 KM, 
other screenings -5.00 KM, 6.00 KM, 8.00 KM
Multiplex Cinema City: 4.00 KM, 5.00 KM, 7.00 KM
Summer Screen: all screenings - 7.00 KM
Art Cinema Kriterion / House of Shorts: 5.00 KM
Sarajevo Youth Theatre / House of Youth: 4.00 KM
Children House Novo Sarajevo: 5.00 KM
International Center for Children and Youth: 3.00 KM
Novi Grad Cinema: 3.00 KM
Open Air Cinema at "Safet Zajko" Center: 5.00 KM
MMC - Ilidža Cinema: 3.00 KM i 5.00 KM
VAT included in all the prices 

• Tickets will be available on-line only via the official SFF web site
• On-line ticket sales open on August 3, 2019 at 12:00
• The maximum number of tickets to be purchased per screening is four (4)
• MasterCard and VISA payment is available via the Raiffeisen Bank BH 
   e-pay system
• If you pay with Raiffeisen card you get 25% cash back
If you buy your tickets online, tickets will be sent via e-mail within a few minutes of your purchase. Each e-ticket contains a unique code that will allow access to the screening. Just show your e-mail attachment or printed e-tickets at the venue entrance.
Be aware, if copies or duplicates of tickets are made, only the first reaching the entry point will be valid while others will be rejected.
To ensure that you receive the e-mail containing your tickets, please be sure that you have added to your approved spam filter list.

For any technical difficulties with on-line ticket purchase please contact Box Office on phone number:  +387 33 550 830
• Individual tickets will be available at the Main Box Office starting from August 9, 2019 at 10:00
• The maximum number of tickets to be purchased per screening is four (4)
• Tickets may be paid in cash, MasterCard or VISA card
• Tickets may be paid in the national currency only
  (Convertible Mark – KM/BAM)
In case of rain, the Festival organiser will make an official announcement (via the official web page and social networks) on relocation of screenings from outdoor to indoor cinemas. If such an announcement is made prior to the screening, the scheduled screening time remains the same. In case of rain during the screening, the screening will then continue in a designated indoor cinema 30 minutes following the relocation announcement.
• Raiffeisen Open Air Cinema moves to KSC Skenderija;
• Summer Screen moves to Sarajevo Youth Theatre
• Open Air Cinema at "Safet Zajko" Center moves to Novi Grad Cinema
• Admission is possible only by presenting a ticket for the given screening (this includes children irrespective of age);
•  All the visitors must take their seats at least 5 minutes before the opening of the official programme;
•  No members of the audience will be admitted after the official opening of the programme;
•  In case of late arrival, no seat can be guaranteed (refund and/or replacement tickets are not available);
•  Seats are not numbered for any screening;
•  No audio or video recording devices (cameras or mobile devices) can be used during any screening;
•  In case of any attempt to use such devices, the Festival staff shall be entitled to remove the user from the screening;
•  Pets are not allowed;
•  By purchasing the ticket you accept that you may be photographed or recorded by a camera with no financial compensation;
•  All the tickets are issued pursuant to rules and regulations of official Festival venues and Festival organisers;
•  In the interest of personal safety of our visitors, there will be security checks at entry points;
•  No bottles, cans or other items that may in any way harm or affect personal safety of the audience may be brought into any official Festival location;
•  Films screened at the Festival may include scenes of sex or violence; it is therefore recommended to examine the content of the film at our web site, official programme and links available via social networks prior to any ticket purchase;
•  The Festival organisers shall not be liable for lost or stolen property;
•  Any attempt to forge or otherwise alter tickets is against the law.
•  You may use the purchased ticket solely to view the contents marked on the purchased ticket. It is strictly forbidden to use the ticket purchased for any other purpose or in any other way than the foregoing.
Refunds for tickets purchased or replacement tickets for other screenings to the same amount already paid are available no later than 24 hours prior to the original screening schedule, as follows:
•  If the Festival organisers have made an official announcement about a screening cancellation
•  If the screening is delayed by more than 30 minutes with no prior announcement of a delay or a relocation of the screening; in such cases, the audience is kindly requested to contact Festival staff

Obala Art Centar
Sarajevo Film Festival
Box Office
Branilaca Sarajeva 24
71 000 Sarajevo, BiH
+387 33 550 830