Sarajevo to Join Voting for the EFA Young Audience Award This Year

This year, Sarajevo will join 37 European cities that participate in the selection of a film that is to be presented with the European Film Academy's Young Audience Award.

Along with relevant film bodies from 31 countries and 37 cities of Europe, the Sarajevo Film Festival will organize on May 7 the Young Audience Film Day when the recepient of the 2017 EFA Young Audience Award will be selected.

Three films nominated for the award will be screened on May 7 before juries of young film experts in each of the 37 participating cities. Jury members across Europe will participate in discussions about nominated films and vote for their favorite to win the award. The Sarajevo jury will be comprises of primary school pupiles from the Bosnian capital, aged from 12 to 14 years.

This year, the following three films were nominated for the award by an international selection committee: MY LIFE AS A ZUCCHINI, GOODBYE BERLIN and THE GIRL DOWN LOCH ÄNZI.

The Young Audience Film Day is a day-long event that includes screenings of the 3 nominated films and a number of related film debates. After the screenings, the young jury members vote for the winner and their votes are sent to Efrut, Germany where votes from all participating juries are tallied. The winner is announced on the same day in Efrut and presented with the European Film Awards statuette.

The awards ceremony to be held in the early evening hours on May 7 in Erfut will be streamed live at:

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