Apply to volunteer and experience the 28th Sarajevo Film Festival in a special way!

Volunteer applications are open for the 28th Sarajevo Film Festival, and the online application can be completed until 17 June 2022.

Volunteering is an ideal opportunity to become part of this year's 28th Sarajevo Film Festival, which will be held from 12 to 19 August 2022.

Volunteering at the Sarajevo Film Festival is an opportunity that, together with access to a certain number of screenings, enables the acquisition of practical experience of organizing events in a professional and friendly environment.

The competition for volunteering is open until 17 June 2022: all interested parties are invited to fill out the application HERE

The invitation to volunteer is also open to minors – aged 15 to 18 years who can apply with the written consent of their parents / guardians, and the preference in applications will be given to adults.

The activities of technical preparation of the Festival, assistance in welcoming, registering and accommodating guests, work in the Festival and Press Centre are just some of the numerous possibilities offered to volunteers. Volunteering is an ideal opportunity to become a part of a large and successful event, and in addition to accessing a certain number of screenings, volunteers are given the opportunity to work in a team, acquire and develop skills and knowledge, gain practical experience in the organization and realisation of a large cultural event.

Volunteers of Sarajevo Film Festival: 

° They are responsible, professional, reliable and committed in the performance of tasks,

° Precise in the execution of tasks,

° Respect the rules, objectives and values of the Sarajevo Film Festival, 

° Regularly attend educational activities, 

° They are ready to communicate and collaborate with volunteer leaders and the Festival team.

After the end of the Festival, volunteers will receive a certificate of volunteering at the Sarajevo Film Festival, which can be used as an additional recognition in future education or work.

The joint work of volunteers from several countries contributes to the special atmosphere and success of the Sarajevo Film Festival. We wish them a warm welcome and successful work on the 28th Sarajevo Film Festival.

For any information please write to

Join us, volunteer, learn, and have fun with us.

The 28th Sarajevo Film Festival will be held from 12 to 19 August 2022.

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