Sarajevo City of Film is back!

Today a new call for entries for Sarajevo City of Film was announced. The project gives young filmmakers from the region an opportunity to collaborate around short film projects - and to have them funded, produced and screened.

The last edition of the Sarajevo City of Film project ran between 2007 and 2013 and funded a total of 25 short films. These involved over 300 young directors, screenwriters, producers, actors, directors of photography, editors and composers, from 12 different countries in the region.

In this new edition up to four projects will be selected, by teams of young filmmakers who have participated in Talents Sarajevo. Their films will be shot during the spring of 2018, and will premiere at the 24th Sarajevo Film Festival in August 2018.

The Sarajevo City of Film project aims to discover, support and promote the talent of filmmakers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the wider region, and to facilitate their collaboration. As all films are shot in Sarajevo, employing up to 100 contracted film professionals during the 15 to 60 days of shooting and post-production, the project also supports the development and sustainability of the film industry in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Jovan Marjanovic, Head of Industry at Sarajevo Film Festival, said: 

“By encouraging the collaboration between filmmakers in the region but also across regional boundaries, we hope to raise awareness of the importance of investing in art and film production. Sarajevo City of Film shows in a very practical way the power of culture as an important form of communication and dialogue within our region and with the rest of Europe.” 

Sarajevo City of Film in brief: 

The project is open to participants of the last four editions of Sarajevo Talents. A maximum of two non-Sarajevo Talents participants are allowed in the teams. 

Each film will have a budget of EUR 15.000, provided by the festival, and will have three days to shoot the film. 

The selected projects will be assigned a project coordinator from the festival who will assist in pre-production and oversee the project through to completion.  

The teams will participate in script development with Sarajevo Film Festival script producers from January 2018 until the shooting starts. In addition there will also be a workshop for the producers. 

Post-production will take place in Sarajevo, coordinated by the Sarajevo Film Festival producer in charge of the project.

The films will be premiering at the 24th Sarajevo Film Festival in August 2018. During festival, filmmakers will engage in promotional events and activities as part of the premiere of their films.

Sarajevo Film Festival will be responsible for the circulation and distribution of the films during the 2018 autumn festival circuit.

The application period starts now, and closes on 1 December. Successful applicants will be announced in December

The complete rules and regulations are available on

Sarajevo City of Film is supported by Atlantic Grupa and Canton of Sarajevo Ministry of Culture and Sports.

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