World premiere of MAVZER

The Competition Programme - Feature Film of 26th Sarajevo Film Festival continues with the world premiere of Turkish film MAVZER, a debut feature by director Fatih Özcan.

You can watch the film at, where it will be available for the next seven days.
Veysi lives in a mountain village in central Anatolia. With the early onset of winter, he brings his flock of sheep down to his barn. One morning, when he goes to the barn with his son Mustafa, a pack of wolves attacks the sheep and Veysi loses most of them. He is not angry with the wolves, because he knows they have behaved exactly as their nature directs. But he wants a better gun to protect himself and his herd: a Mauser, the ‘king of the rifles,’ as they say in Anatolia. He approaches a local gun vendor, who is also a close friend of his father, who promises he will give Veysi a Mauser as a gift if he proves he is a good hunter. Happy with the promise, Veysi goes after the wolf that attacked his herd, and he eventually manages to kill its cub and a she-wolf. He returns to the village proud of his success, but on the way back, he comes across his father’s funeral when he passes the village cemetery. Afterwards, he finds himself in a fight with his brother about their inheritance. The wolf who lost his mate and pup also becomes involves in this war as a third party.
Director: Fatih Özcan
Cast: Serhat Kılıç, Ozan Çelik, Seda Türkmen, Burçak Dilekli, İbrahim Kalkan, Ahmet Aydın, Güliz Şirinyan
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