Vanja Juranić dedicates screening to Gradačac victims

As part of the Open Air programme at the Stari Grad Summer Cinema, a screening of the film ONLY WHEN I LAUGH by Croatian director Vanja Juranić took place.

 Juranić addressed the audience before the screening.

"It's wonderful for me to see, not an auditorium, this is even better because we're outdoors, in this beautiful place. I would also like to thank the Sarajevo Film Festival for inviting the film. You've probably read something about the film, but just briefly: it's a universal story about a woman trapped in a patriarchal environment. Even though she is a victim, she is active and tries to change the situation, just like what happened yesterday with the femicide in Gradačac, and we want to dedicate this screening to the victims of Gradačac. I'm a bit shaken. Nizama, this screening is dedicated to you," Juranić said.

The film ONLY WHEN I LAUGH follows Tina, who lives in what seems to be an idyllic marriage in a coastal town. She is a homemaker who takes care of her six-year-old daughter, while her husband Frane provides for the family. Their relationship begins to change when Tina expresses a desire to finish the college degree she abandoned due to pregnancy. Despite his initial agreement and support, Frane starts showing disapproval that initially manifests as minor sabotages. Over time, their conflicts become more frequent, and their arguments become more violent.

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