CineLink Industry Days Reveals First Projects Selected for the Co-Production Market

In the coming weeks, additional projects will be announced for presentation at the Sarajevo Film Festival as part of the CineLink Co-Production Market

In 2024 CineLink Industry Days selected eight of the most promising feature films in the development stage from Southeast Europe to participate in the CineLink Workshop (June 17–21) and the CineLink Co-Production Market (August 18–23). In the coming weeks, additional projects will be announced for presentation at the Sarajevo Film Festival as part of the CineLink Co-Production Market. The CineLink Team strives to improve production value by matching projects with various decision-makers in production, financing, distribution, and sales, as well as offering aid in script development through extensive sessions.

This year's curated selection places a significant emphasis on the works of female authors and producers, who are portraying complex female characters while delving into themes ranging from motherhood, abortion, identity, and equality to empowerment. The selection features a blend of emerging voices who are presenting their first feature at the CineLink Co-Production Market and directors whose first features have had great success on the international festival circuit. We are pleased to have producers who had previously presented their projects as part of the CineLink Co-Production Market.

CineLink alumni producer Jelena Angelovski is bringing the directorial debut of experienced writer Staša Bajac, known for writing scripts for successful regional films and TV shows such as "The Group" (2019), "Humidity" (2016), and "Civil Servant" (2019). Another alumni producer, Genoveva Petrovits, is presenting a debut by Anna Gyimesi, whose short film "Affrikate" premiered in Sarajevo in 2022.

The line-up also features second films from directors who had notable success on the festival circuit: CineLink alumni producer Dragana Jovović has teamed up with Milica Tomović, winner of the Heart of Sarajevo at the Sarajevo Film Festival 2021 for "Celts" (CineLink Co-Production Market 2018, World Premiere Berlinale 2021). Nehir Tuna is bringing his second feature following his debut "Dormitory," which premiered in the Horizons section of the Venice Film Festival in 2023. Matija Gluščević is now working on his second feature after "Have You Seen This Woman?" premiered in the International Critics' Week at Venice in 2022. Keti Machavariani is presenting her second fiction feature after her debut "Salt White," which premiered at Karlovy Vary in 2011. CineLink alumni producer Maria Kontogianni is producing the second feature of Asimina Proedrou, whose film "Behind the Haystack" premiered at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival in 2022. Darko Sinko is also presenting a new project, following his debut "Inventory," which premiered at San Sebastian as part of the New Directors selection in 2021.

The CineLink Co-Production Market proudly presents the following awards:

Eurimages Co-Production Development Award: €20,000

Film Center Montenegro CineLink Award: €10,000

Film Center Serbia CineLink Award: €10,000

ARTEKino International Prize: €6,000

CineLink Female Voices Award*: €10,000

*CineLink Female Voices Award is granted to one project in development participating in CineLink Co-Production or Drama strands, aiming to support and promote female voices in the Southeast European film industry.



Director: Milica Tomović

Writers: Milica Tomović, Sara Đurović, Tanja Šljivar

Producers: Dragana Jovović, Jelena Radneković

Co-producer: Jasmina Sijerčić

Production Companies: Non-Aligned Films, Big Time Production 

Co-production company: Bocalupo Films

Country: Serbia

Two wild women, best friends and beauticians, embark on an unexpected trip to the coast of Montenegro, to settle forgotten bills, rediscover their friendship, and uncover long-buried secrets.


Director: Darko Sinko

Writers: Darko Sinko, Andreea Valean

Producers: Vlado Bulajić, Bernhard Holzhammer

Production Company: December

Co-production Company: Eutopiafilm

Countries: Slovenia, Austria

Three teenagers are right before confirmation, but when the village community is surprised by a drug find, their friendship is put to the test, which it doesn’t pass.

DIVINE POISON (Working Title)

Director/Writer: Nehir Tuna

Producers: Nehir Tuna, Dorothe Beinemeier, Thierry Lenouvel, 

Production Company: Ignore Studio

Co-production Companies: Red Balloon, Cinesud Promotions

Countries: Türkiye, Germany, France

In the realm of love, we are like the three butterflies in the tale. The first one comes near to the candle and says ‘I discovered what the meaning of love is’. The second one comes much closer so his wing touch the flame and he says ‘I burned in the flame of love’. The third one throws himself inside the fire and vanishes. He alone knows what true love is.


Director/Writer: Asimina Proedrou

Producer: Maria Kontogianni

Production Company: Wild at heart

Country: Greece

The lives of three Greek women in Athens intertwine, as a series of incidents makes them radically question their identity, in a story about motherhood, gender roles, and breaking free.


Director: Keti Machaviarani

Writers: Keti Machaviarani, Nestan Kvinikadze

Producers: George Kyriakos, Effie Skrobola

Production Company: View Master Films

Co-production Company: Vineyard Films

Countries: Greece, Georgia

What happens when a caregiver faces the death of the old man she takes care of and she might lose her only income? Will she be able to get through this great challenge without betraying her values?


Director/Writer: Anna Gyimesi

Producers: Genoveva Petrovits, Edyta Janczak-Hiriart, Barbara Janišová Feglová

Production Company: Kino Alfa

Co-production Companies: Kometa Films, Hitchhiker Cinema

Country: Hungary, France, Slovakia

Soft Hours is the story of Ilona, who, to reclaim her life, must defy social taboos and mourn the loss of her son, who has been missing for a decade.


Director/Writer: Staša Bajac

Producers: Jelena Angelovski, Ivan Pribićević 

Co-producer: Dušan Kasalica

Production Company: Digitalkraft

Co-production Company: Meander Film

Country: Serbia

Irina is curating an exhibition on feminism in the Balkans, when her father, a beloved public figure, is accused of sexual harassment. She looks for the truth about him, but finds more about herself.


Director/Writer: Matija Gluščević

Co-writer: Dušan Zorić

Producers: Čarna Vučinić, Tena Gojić

Production Company: Naked

Co-production Company: Dinaridi Film

Countries: Serbia, Croatia

A self-centered and emotionally closed-off middle-aged history teacher, facing his father's illness, must embark on a journey down his own "arse" to retrieve the love and vulnerability he has buried deep inside.

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