Sarajevo Film Festival and Porsche BH: Together on a Mission This Year Again to Preserve the Environment

This year again, Sarajevo Film Festival and Porsche BH are together on a mission to contribute to the preservation of the environment, achieving sustainable development, and zero pollution.

With that goal in mind, as of last year, Porsche Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a sponsor of the Sarajevo Film Festival, has provided part of the Festival's electric vehicle fleet, and this year will be the 29th Sarajevo Film Festival will officially only use electric vehicles: a fleet of 14 electric cars.

“Sarajevo Film Festival is dedicated to the mission of zero pollution, and in this regard we have been working over the past few months on the development of a study that has measured the ways in which Sarajevo Film Festival can influence sustainable development. The assessment of the basic carbon footprint of the Sarajevo Film Festival is the first step towards integrating sustainability into the activities and operations of the Sarajevo Film Festival. By monitoring emissions on an annual basis, the Festival can track progress towards carbon reduction targets, improve its data collection processes, and explore savings that could be made by increasing efficiency. In this regard, we will create an action-oriented strategy with a focus on reducing key carbon emission hotspots. In order to commit to achieving the Net Zero mission, i.e., the Zero Pollution Festival, we promote activities that support the use of alternative modes of transport. The company Porsche BH, which is also focused on sustainable development and environmental protection, is one of our main partners in this regard, and we are extremely pleased that we have a long-term partner in Porsche BH with whom we share the same strategic goals, for a healthier environment for all of us,” said the director of the Sarajevo Film Festival, Jovan Marjanović.

"We are extremely honored to support the joint strategic decision of the transition to the use of clean and renewable energy sources through cooperation with the Sarajevo Film Festival. We are very proud that our contribution to electric vehicles this year is even richer. Namely, we have expanded the fleet to 14 electric cars, including VW models ID.3, ID.4, ID5, Audi Q4, Porsche Taycan and the latest models ID.Buzz, Cupra Born and Skoda Enyaq. We are happy as a company to have the opportunity to support the most important cultural event in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and for this reason we have decided to be a part of this project for the second year in a row. Electromobility is an indispensable trend that will certainly be a challenge for our country in terms of building electric charging stations that will be able to adequately respond to the needs of new electric cars. The fact that most of the world's automotive brands will already have 20-30% of electric vehicles in their portfolio in the next 2-3 years makes it clear which direction the automotive industry is moving in," said Senad Olovčić, CEO of Porsche BH.

Sarajevo Film Festival will be held from 11 to 18 August 2023.

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