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The world's biggest film festivals, including Sarajevo Film Festival, unite for a 10-day streaming event on YouTube, from May 29 – June 7 at

Together with over 20 other major film festivals, Sarajevo Film Festival is co-curating We Are One: A Global Film Festival.

The festival gathers some of the world’s most talented artists, storytellers and curators from 35 countries around a central effort to provide entertainment and offer relief in the form of supporting organizations responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The films are available for free, but audiences will be able to donate to COVID-19 relief efforts through a donate button or link on every film page via YouTube. Sarajevo Film Festival has chosen to support the Doctors Without Borders / Medicins Sans Frontieres.

The full festival schedule is available at

Sarajevo Film Festival on We Are One:

Postcards from Sarajevo Film Festival Friends

31/5/2020 // 3:00 PM // World Premiere

(Bosnia and Herzegovina, 14 min, 2020)

In Postcards from Sarajevo Film Festival Friends, Sarajevo Film Festival Friends describe what have kept their spirits up in the time of the corona lock-down, and which films and series have entertained them during that time: Stephan Komandarev, Director, Bulgaria; Aida Begić, Director, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Jean-Michel Frodon, Film Critic, France; Jasmila Žbanić, Director, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Labina Mitevska, Actress, Producer, North Macedonia; Teona Strugar Mitevska, Director, North Macedonia; Judita Franković Brdar, Actress, Croatia; Amila Terzimehić, Actress, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Srdan Golubović, Director, Serbia; Ena Sendijarević, Director, Bosnia and Herzegovina/Netherlands; Snežana Bogdanović, Actress, Serbia; Damjan Kozole, Director, Slovenia; Dalibor Matanić, Director, Croatia; Michel Hazanavicius, Director, France; Agnès B., Designer, Director, France.

Watch on YouTube: 31 May 2020, at 3:00 PM.

Bridges of Sarajevo

31/5/2020 // 3:30 PM // Online Premiere

(France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Germany, 114 min, 2014)

Directors: Aida Begić, Leonardo Di Costanzo, Jean-Luc Godard, Kamen Kalev, Isild Le Besco, Sergei Loznitsa, Vincenzo Marra, Ursula Meier, Vladimir Perišić, Cristi Puiu, Marc Recha, Angela Schanelec, Teresa Villaverde

Synopsis: European directors explore the theme of Sarajevo; what this city has represented in European history over the past hundred years, and what Sarajevo stands for today in Europe. These eminent filmmakers of different generations and origins offer exceptional singular styles and visions.

Watch on YouTube: 31 May 2020, at 3:30 PM.

SEE Factory Sarajevo mon amour

5/6/2020 // 3:00 PM // Special Presentation Premiere

(Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, France, 60 min, 2019)


by Maša Šarović and Sharon Engelhart

After begging her to return, Zorica picks her daughter Maja at the airport. In the car, she tells her a surprising news and takes her to an unknown place where mother and daughter will revisit their roles.


by Dušan Kasalica and Teodora Ana Mihai

After several years in Paris, Damir, saxophonist, returns to Sarajevo for a concert. One of his friends asked him to bring a gift to her best friend, Elma, who is waiting for Damir with some surprises...


by Urška Djukić and Gabriel Tzafka

A possessive mother, a loving son, the fiancée’s first visit, a mute witness... Four players around a pie.


by Neven Samardžić and Carolina Markowicz

Anka, 12, and Yelena, 38, have two common things: a mother in the hospital and a neighborhood grocery store where they spend their days, one inside, the other in front of. One evening, an unexpected visit provokes an incident that both women will suffer from.


by Eleonora Veninova and Yona Rozenkier

Sara firmly disagree about her granddaughter’s wedding plan. To convince her not to marry, she takes Andrea to her husband grave and beg him for a sign.

Watch on YouTube: 5 June 2020, at 3:00 PM.

Route – 3

6/6/2020 // 5:15 PM // Online Premiere

(Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, 13 min, 2019)

Director: Thanasis Neofotistos

Synopis: In a tram on Route-3, the Old Lady in the leopard dress treats the passengers with juicy oranges during a hot, but rainy day in the centre of Sarajevo. Nadja, the princess-teen in her pink hijab; Luka, the virgin bully; an Orthodox Priest; an old creepy man and many, many more ordinary people in this tram have nothing in common, but a juicy slice of orange. All except a shy, yet horny, teenager named Amar.

Watch on YouTube: 6 June 2020, at 5:15 PM.


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