First Think Tank on the future of co-production markets held at CineLink Industry Days

What is the future of co-production markets? How should they be designed to best meet the needs of the industry? These issues will be explored in a series of events held at major markets throughout the year – the first of which took place yesterday in Sarajevo.

The Think Tank is an initiative of CineLink Industry Days together with the International Film Festival Rotterdam’s CineMart, Holland Film Meeting and Marché du Film, Next Pavilion, where the last sessions will take place and the final results will be presented to the public.

Participating in the first Think Tank event were 30 specially invited experienced market participants – producers, sales agents and festival representatives – who divided into groups discussed the format of co-production markets, their relevance to the industry and their results, after introductions by two keynote speakers at each table.

Amra Baksic Camo, Head of CineLink

- Co-production has been the model that has ruled the art-house world for the past 20 years, and the market format has remained more or less the same. Meanwhile, everything around us is changing. We think it's both exciting and necessary to look at what we do, what the future may have in store for us, and how best to adapt our approach to serve the needs of the industry. We want to address the big questions as well as the very practical ones – from the function of co-production markets to meeting formats – all are important.

- There won't be one single answer or new model - and that is good, because it is not what we are looking for. Rather, we hope many possible routes will be discussed, many perspectives shared and numerous solutions offered. The Think Tank took off to a great start with intense and creative discussions and we look forward to contuinuing these throughout the year with our industry colleagues.

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