World premier of MEN OF DEEDS

The Competition Programme - Feature Film of the 28th Sarajevo Film Festival continued with the world premiere of the Romanian film MAN OF ACTION by Paul Negoescu.

Ilie, a small-town police chief, wants to build a comfortable life for himself, but ends up making the wrong choices. Middle-aged and alienated, he feels the need to be a part of something – to build an orchard, even a home. Although dubious things happen in the village, Ilie only sees what suits him. The moment he gets involved in village life marks the beginning of his collapse. In a vacuum of solutions, he tries to be what he has never been before: the justice-seeker who arrests everyone who might be guilty.

Director: Paul Negoscu
Cast: Iulian Postelnicu, Anghel Damian, Vasile Muraru, Crina Semciuc, Daniel Busuioc, Oana Tudor, Vitalie Bichir, Annemarie Chertic

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