Golden Cards: The best way to fully experience the Sarajevo Film Festival

Gift an unforgettable cinematic experience or reward yourself with the best of the Sarajevo Film Festival!

Golden Card packages are the best way to fully experience the Sarajevo Film Festival!

Along with easier access to tickets, screenings and information, you will find a large number of benefits such as attendance at receptions, a place provided for exciting conversations and socializing. And much more!

A more detailed overview of the privileges that Golden Card packages bring you, as well as the purchase of your accreditations, can be made HERE, on the Sarajevo Film Festival's website or contact us at

Grab your popcorn, secure your seats, and let the cinematic adventure begin!

Welcome to the 29th Sarajevo Film Festival from the 11th to the 18th of August 2023!

The 30th Sarajevo Film Festival: Honorary Heart of Sarajevo Award and „Tribute to“ Programme dedicated to Elia Suleiman
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