Blerta Zeqiri feature THE MARRIAGE shown In Focus

Today at 16:00, in a packed National Theatre, a film by Kosovar director and scriptwriter Blerta Zeqiri THE MARRIAGE, was shown. Along with her, the Q&A afterwards was attended by actors Alban Ukaj and Genc Salihu. They were greeted with generous applause. THE MARRIAGE is the winner of the FIPRESCI and Special Jury prizes for Best First Feature at last year's Tallin Black Nights Film Festival.

Their wedding is in just two weeks, and Anita and Bekim are adding the final touches to their big day. Despite expecting news from Anita’s parents, missing since the 1999 Kosovo War, and with Bekim’s controlling family in turn, the couple somehow seems to manage with the preparations. But when Bekim’s secret gay ex-lover, Nol, returns unexpectedly from abroad, the situation becomes complicated – especially when Bekim realises Nol is still in love with him. Inevitably, the wedding banquet becomes loaded with tension when the unusual love triangle starts to unravel.
Director: Blerta Zeqiri 
Screenplay: Keka Kreshnik Berisha, Blerta Zeqiri 
Director of Photography: Sevdije Kastrati 
Editor: Kreshnik Keka Berisha 
Producer: Keka Kreshnik Berisha 
Production: Bézé, Bunker Film+ 
Contact: WIDE; 
Cast: Alban Ukaj, Adriana Matoshi, Genc Salihu 
Blerta Zeqiri 
2012 – KTHIMI / THE RETURN (kratki film / short film) 
2009 – DARKA / THE DINNER (kratki dokumentarni film / short doc.)
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