Main Locations

Main Locations

Once you arrive in Sarajevo you should visit the main festival locations. First you need to stop by at the Main Festival Centre: BKC Festival Centre, where you will find the Hospitality Desk, Accreditation Desk, Protocol, Press Office, Talent Campus Desk, Video Bar and Internet Centre. The different desks will be at your disposal every day from 09:00 till 19:00 during the Festival to give you assistance in things you might need during your stay.

The Hospitality and Accreditation desks should be your first stops; there you will be given your accreditation badge and your welcome bag. Together with your accreditation badge, you will receive a leaflet giving you further information about the admission to different screening venues. The Hospitality team working at the desk will be there for you to give you any additional information concerning the different events, screenings, tickets and everything else you might need.

The Main Box Office – also located at the BKC (Bosanski Kulturni Centar) is the place where you can collect your tickets for individual screenings. Tickets are to be collected no later than one day prior to the screening from 11:00 to 17:00h. Depending on the number of seats available, tickets may be collected on the day of the screening, no later than ten minutes prior to the screening time. When entering the screening venue, a ticket (for the screening requiring a ticket) must be presented with your accreditation badge. Collection of an accreditation badge implies acceptance of all the Festival's terms and conditions applicable to accreditation and ticket collection. In case of loss of your accreditation badge, you must report the loss to the accreditation service immediately. Your accreditation badge will be reissued with a fee of 30.00 EURO (60.00 KM).

Festivalski Centar – BKC
The Main Box Office - BKC

Bosanski Kulturni Centar
Address: Branilaca Sarajeva 24

CineLink Desk
Hotel Europe
Address: Vladislava Škarića 5

Sarajevo Film Festival Hospitality Service
Phone: +387 33 209 411
Fax: +387 33 263 381