Gala Screening of MEN DON’T CRY

The National Theatre will host the gala screening of the film MEN DON’T CRY, the debutant feature film of the BiH director Alen Drljević. The film will be shown within the Competition programme, out of competition.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 15 years after the war. Ten men are the only guests at a remote mountain hotel. The group is made up of one trainer and the nine participants of a workshop whose objective is to come to terms with the past. The men are war veterans, former soldiers of several armies that fought against each other across the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s. 

MEN DON’T CRY will be shown tonight at 22:30.

Director: Alen Drljević

Cast: Boris Isaković, Leon Lučev, Emir Hadžihafizbegović, Sebastian Cavazza, Ermin Bravo, Boris Ler, Ivo Gregurević, Primož Petkovšek, Jasna Đuričić, Izudin Bajrović

Alen Drljević


2010 – WESTERN BALKANS – 8 STEPS FORWARD (documentary)

2008 – ŠOPING / SHOPPING (short film)

2007 – ESMA (documentary)

2006 – KARNEVAL / CARNIVAL (documentary)

2005 – PRVA PLATA / PAYCHECK (short film)

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