CineLink Producers’ Lab Call for Entries

Emerging producers from Southeast Europe and Southern Caucasus are invited to apply for CineLink Producers’ Lab by June 6th.

Sarajevo Film Festival’s CineLink Industry Days has developed a programme CineLink Producers' Lab which is a dedicated training and networking program for junior producers with 2-5 years of experience. This programme is designed as a direct response to the market shifts and aims to equip producers with an understanding of digital supply chain changes and the evolving landscape of film distribution. The program helps young professionals establish their own network of peers, as well as gain insights and knowledge to navigate the digital age of film production and distribution.
The call is open to producers coming from Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Georgia, Hungary, Kosovo*, North Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine.
Applicants are required to fulfil the application via Eventival and the applications will be evaluated based on:
- Quality of application (overall presentation)
- Professional film experience (number and quality of film /TV projects involved - at least one realized feature or mid-length film or more than 3 short films)
- Letter of intent (aspirations and ambitions; expected results from the programme)
The CineLink Producers’ Lab will be held from 11th until 15th of August, and participants will be granted an Industry Accreditation which gives them access to the CineLink Industry Days activities. The Festival will provide accommodation and partially reimburse travel costs of selected participants. 
CineLink Industry Days, Sarajevo Film Festival’s industry section, is a primary hub for Southeast European film professionals and has played a crucial role in the expansion of cinematic co-production in the region. It is also a key destination for professionals from across Europe who are in search of talent and co-production possibilities, or who simply wish to obtain in-depth knowledge about this dynamic region’s business development.
The closing date for applications is June 6th.
Please find more information and apply HERE.
The 29th Sarajevo Film Festival will take place from 11th until 18th of August 2023.
* This label does not prejudge the status of Kosovo and is in accordance with Resolution 1244 and the opinion of the ICJ on Kosovo's declaration of independence
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