Sixteen Series Nominated for Hearts of Sarajevo Awards for TV Series of the 27th Sarajevo Film Festival

Sarajevo Film Festival is introducing new awards: Hearts of Sarajevo for TV Series, with an aim to develop and stimulate production of high-quality audio-visual content.

With the Hearts of Sarajevo for TV Series awards, the Festival honours and promotes top-quality regional television series and their authors, actors and actresses, and heightens their international appeal. 

Sixteen TV series from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Slovenia that had been premiered from 01 September 2019 to 31 May 2021 have been nominated by Sarajevo Film Festival's selection committee for the Hearts of Sarajevo for TV Series awards.

Awards will be hended out in six categories: Best Drama Series, Best Comedy, Best Series Creator(s), Best Actress, Best Actor, and Rising Star.

In the Best Drama Series category seven series are nominated:

The Group (Serbia),
The Lake (Slovenia),
The Clan (Serbia),
Bones (Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia),
The Paper, Season 3 (Croatia),
The Family (Serbia),
Tycoon (Serbia). 

In the Best Comedy category four series are nominated:

Black & White World, Season 4 (Croatia),
Big Perica's Diary (Croatia),
Mom and Dad are Playing War (Serbia),
Golden Days (Serbia).

Nominees for Best Series Creator(s) are: 

Uroš Tomić and Dragan Đurković – The Group (Serbia),
Bojan Vuletić – The Family (Serbia),
Matevž Luzar – The Lake (Slovenia),
Ivica Đikić, Nebojša Taraba, Miodrag Sila, Dalibor Matanić – The Paper, Season 3 (Croatia),
Slobodan Skerlić – The Clan (Serbia),
Dragan Bjelogrlić – Black Sun, Season 2 (Serbia),
Albino Uršić – Big Perica's Diary (Croatia).

The Best Actress and Best Actor categories each have eight nominees. 

Nominees for Best Actress are:

Jasna Đuričić (Serbia) – The Group,
Jovana Stojiljković (Serbia) – South Wind,
Mirjana Karanović (Serbia) – The Family,
Nada Šargin (Serbia) – The Mould,
Nika Rozman (Slovenia) – The Lake,
Olga Pakalović (Croatia) – The Paper, Season 3,
Tihana Lazović (Croatia) – Tycoon,
Jelena Miholjević (Croatia) – Black & White World, Season 4

Nominees for Best Actor are:

Boris Isaković (Serbia) – The Family,
Dragan Bjelogrlić (Serbia) – Tycoon,
Feđa Štukan (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – The Clan,
Filip Đurić (Serbia) – The Group,
Goran Bogdan (Bosnia and Herzegovina / Croatia) – Underneath,
Jovo Maksić (Serbia) – Bones,
Sebastian Cavazza (Slovenia) – The Lake,
Zdenko Jelčić (Croatia) – The Paper, Season 3

There are five nominees for Rising Star: 

Aleksandar Dimitrijević (Serbia) – The Clan,
Ivana Zečević (Serbia) – The Group,
Jana Bjelica  (Montenegro) – The Family,
Kaja Šišmanović (Croatia) – Black & White World, Season 4,
Petar Petkovski (North Macedonia) – The Family Markovski, Season 2

In the drama series category, the series with the most nominations are The Group and The Family – five; The Lake, The Paper – Season 3, and The Clan each have four nominations, Tycoon three nominations, Bones has two nominations, and The Family Markovski – Season 2, South Wind, Black Sun – Season 2, Underneath, and The Mould each have one nomination. In the TV Comedy category, Black & White World – Season 4 has three nominations, Big Perica's Diary has two nominations, Mom and Dad are Playing War and Golden Days have one nomination each.

Decisions about award winners will be made by a jury of several hundred film and television professionals from the territory of former Yugoslavia, and the best series will be selected by online voting, following the example of similar global annual awards of film and television academies. This year’s jury will be the nucleus of the professional academy, which will make decisions regarding the awards in the future. 

The Hearts of Sarajevo for TV Series award ceremony will be held during the 27th Sarajevo Film Festival.

The 27th Sarajevo Film Festival will take place 13-20 August 2021.

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