Crew of the film CIRCLES in „Coffee with...“ Programme

Today's eagerly awaited „Coffee with...“ session featured Director and Screenwriter respectively, Srdan Golubović and Melina Koljević, whose film CIRCLES screened last night at the !hej Open Air Cinema.

Given the audience's emotional response following last night's screening, Golubovic greeted the larger than usual „Coffee with...“ audience with an emotional introduction. Indeed, given the film's deep ties with Bosnia & Herzegovina, much of the conversation and audeince's questions were dedicated to the film's themes and relevence today, as opposed to technical questions. Moreover, both Golubovic and Koljevic concentrated on the universal and 'human' aspects of the film, as does the film itself.

Dedicated to the heroic tragedy of Srdjan Aleksić, Golubović underlined the difficulty of distancing himself from Aleksić's truth in order to create a fictional film, whilst simultaneously having his death as the catalyst of the film. On a technical and artistic level, Koljevic spoke of the difficulty in overlapping the perspectives of the respective characters whilst keeping the flow and function of the film.

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