Sidebar Programmes

17. August 2020.
12th Human Rights Day at 26th Sarajevo Film Festival: Panel discussion on Tuesday
09. August 2020.
The cooperation between Sarajevo Film Festival and Doha Film Institute continues
08. August 2020.
12th Human Rights Day
08. August 2020.
Dealing with the Past – Are There Good People in Terrible Times?
17. August 2018.
Audience Award of the 24th Sarajevo Film Festival
07. August 2018.
10th Human Rights Day
03. August 2018.
Dealing with the Past
23. August 2014.
Actors from WILD TALES at the "Coffee with..." Programme
22. August 2014.
"Coffee with..." Andy Paterson and Patti Lomax
21. August 2014.
Cast and Crew of BLACK COAL, THIN ICE in the "Coffee with..." Programme