Open Air

17. August 2018.
THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME closed the Open Air programme
17. August 2018.
SINK OR SWIM shown in KSC Skenderija
15. August 2018.
THE ANGEL in Open Air Programme
14. August 2018.
Matteo Garrone's DOGMAN at Raiffeisen Open Air Cinema
13. August 2018.
CAPERNAUM at the Raiffeisen Open Air Cinema
12. August 2018.
EVERYBODY KNOWS shown at the Raiffeisen Open Air Cinema
11. August 2018.
WILDLIFE shown at Open Air Cinema
10. August 2018.
Open Air programme opened with the film COLD WAR
06. Juni 2018.
Pawel Pawlikowski’s “Cold War” to Open 24th Sarajevo Film Festival
18. August 2017.
BABY DRIVER closes the 23rd Sarajevo Film Festival