Docu Rough Cut Boutique Mentors

Docu Rough Cut Boutique introduces for the first time an improved new approach. The selected participants will have the special privilege to work with film/story editors, film professionals who have rich experience in various projects that won a number of awards as well as gained tremendous attention on side of the audience. They will have long and elaborate sessions with each of projects’ teams.

We are happy to introduce to you our special story editors for Docu RCB 2014!

Anne Barliant (USA) worked on award-winning films including THE LINGUISTS (2008), which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for an Emmy award, FERNANDO NATION (2010), which was part of ESPN’s Peabody winning 30 for 30 series, and DANGEROUS ACTS STARRING THE UNSTABLE ELEMENTS OF BELARUS (2013) which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, won international accolades and is now showing on HBO. Anne has just finished Robert Redford’s CHICAGOLAND.

Ivo Trajkov (Macedonia/ Check Republic) is a director, scriptwriter and film editor, who worked in a wide range of genres: comedy, docu-drama, experimental films, and historical drama. As a producer, Ivo Trajkov has been involved in more than 60 episodes of the critically acclaimed documentary series UNEXPLAINED DEATHS (2001-2007). His films won numerous awards. His film THE GREAT WATER (2004), a big international co-production, is the official Macedonian entry for the OSCAR in the foreign language category. Ivo is also professor at the FAMU in Prague and a mentor at various documentary workshops around the world.

Exclusively for our Docu RCB participants he has written his vision of the story editing importance:

“If you imagine film as a road trip, than the author is the driver, the road is the plot line, the passengers are the characters and the vehicle is the form of the film. What is happening on the way is the content of the story and the final destination representing the message. The journey, in specific time and space, expressing the topic. Who is the story editor in that case?

He is the GPS navigation helping the driver to find the shortest, fastest and most effective way to his destination, supporting him to fulfill all his goals in the best possible way.

The filmmakers, especially the documentary ones, know that the real „creation of the film“, as a result of the long process, is happening in the editing room. Selecting, editing and structuring the material creates the final form of the film and gives the audience satisfaction of intellectual and emotional respond.

To help and advice that process in editing room is the story editor´s job.”

Next to our two special narrative editors Anne Barliant and Ivo Trajkov, we are excited to announce the rest of the amazing mentors that will meet our Docu RCB participants this year!

As you may remember, the first mentor to confirm his participation was EDN Director and experienced producer Paul Pauwels.

We are also proud to welcome for a second time renowned sales-agent Catherine le Clef from the French company Cat&Docs, which focuses solely on the worldwide theatrical and video distribution of high-profile international feature-length documentaries, defined by rigor, respect, curiosity, diversity and innovation. We are very glad to also introduce a new award, kindly given by Catherine le Clef for the best internationally promising project among Docu RCB selected films.

Acclaimed director and cinematographer Leonard Retel Helmrich, famous for his almost impossible shots and daring storytelling, author of award-winning films POSITION AMONG THE STARS (2010) and SHAPE OF THE MOON (2004) among others, will also join Docu RCB 2014 and share his expertise. Especially for Talents Sarajevo, Leonard will give a lecture on his famous “single-shot” cinema approach. 

Hanka Kastelicová, the Executive Producer of Documentaries for HBO Europe, has been a passionate advocate for high-quality and uncompromising documentaries for more than 25 years – both as director/producer and as commissioning editor. 

Last but not least, we are thrilled to welcome Phil Cox, who became internationally acclaimed with his feature BENGALI DETECTIVE, which played at Berlinale and Sundance and won the Grierson Award. Phil is a master of stories which root and reality and develop into narratives with a strong cinematic presence. We are pleased to share also that the latest film by Phil Cox - LOVE HOTEL - will play at Sarajevo Film Festival. 

We want to herewith specially thank the supporters, who generously made the participation of these amazing mentors possible: The Embassy of the United States of America to Bosnia and Herzegovina and The Royal Netherlands Embassy in Sarajevo, British Council in Sarajevo, Bulgarian State Institute for Culture, as well as the Macedonian Film Agency.


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