Sarajevo Film Festival congratulates on the success of the series „I Know Your Soul“ by Jasmila Žbanić

We congratulate the main sponsor of the Sarajevo Film Festival, BH Telecom, the production company Deblokada, and the team of authors behind the series "Znam kako dišeš" (I Know Your Soul) by Jasmila Žbanić, created as part of the production of BH ContentLab, for entering the main program of this year's Venice Film Festival.

Obala Art Centar, a part of the Sarajevo Film Festival team to be precise, participated in the establishment of the BH Content Lab platform as external consultants and competent professionals in the fields of film and TV production in B&H, with the aim of providing assistance, consultancy, and engagement from renowned film professionals of the region and the world.

The success of the series „Znam kako dišeš" (I Know Your Soul) is also proof of our successful cooperation with BH Telecom and their production platform BH ContentLab, which proved to be the driving force of domestic production in a very short period since its launch.

The fact that a domestic series is included in the program of such a prestigious festival is furthermore proof how well-designed strategic action, in this case by Sarajevo Film Festival and BH Telecom, the most important partner of B&H production in terms of financial investment, can quickly change the complete paradigm of an entire industry, and accelerate the breakthrough of domestic products into the international market.

BH ContentLab has so far produced five series: “Kotlina” (The Hollow), “Na rubu pameti” (On The Edge of Reason), “Znam kako dišeš” (I Know Your Soul), “Princ iz Eleja” (Smashing It) and “Tender”. Some of these series have also been nominated for the Heart of Sarajevo awards for TV series at this year's edition.

More than 450 professionals from all over the region are eligible to vote for the Heart of Sarajevo TV Series nominations and choose the winners of the awards in the second round of voting. We would like to remind you that the vote for this year's winners of the Heart of Sarajevo award for TV series at the 29th Sarajevo Film Festival is open until July 31st at midnight.

Awards chosen by hundreds of film professionals will be presented at the 29th Sarajevo Film Festival, which will be held between 11 and 18 August.

Sarajevo Film Festival remains committed to its mission of being a platform for regional and international placement of domestic content.

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