16. Maj 2022.
Apply to volunteer and experience the 28th Sarajevo Film Festival in a special way!
28. April 2022.
Spring Break Edition: Winning films of the festivals in Sarajevo, Zagreb, Belgrade and Herceg Novi are available online
16. Mart 2022.
Film / Drama Series Submissions for the 28th Sarajevo Film Festival Programmes
11. Mart 2022.
Sarajevo Film Festival joins Ukraine to its regional programmes
14. Februar 2022.
Mirsad Purivatra Leaving the Position of Director of the Sarajevo Film Festival
17. Decembar 2021.
Cinema Night in Sarajevo
18. August 2021.
Green Festival – Sarajevo Film Festival Eco-Initiative
16. August 2021.
Awarded Hearts of Sarajevo for the Best TV series
16. August 2021.
Tonight at 8 PM, the award ceremony Heart of Sarajevo Award for TV series