Sarajevo is the winner of the inaugural Global Production Award for the best "City of Film"

The award ceremony was held in Cannes during the film festival

The City of Sarajevo is the first winner of the Global Production award in the category " City of Film", which was awarded for the first time this year in Cannes!
The winners of the awards established by the prestigious world film magazine Screen International with the aim of recognizing outstanding work in supporting film and TV production around the world, were announced at a ceremony held on Monday evening during the Cannes Film Festival.
The Global Production Awards were awarded this year for the first time, and the jury of Screen International, one of the three professional publications with the largest distribution in the world, recognized Sarajevo as the best "City of Film".
With numerous applications, Sarajevo was shortlisted in this category with only three cities from around the world: Wellington (New Zealand), Calgary (Canada) and Trollhättan - Trollywood (Sweden).
“The Global Production Award is a grand recognition for the efforts and results achieved in film production, primarily for Obala Art Centar, as the holder of the application on behalf of the City of Sarajevo. This prestigious award is proof that Sarajevo is recognized as a center of film culture and that as a city we have decided that the creative industry and film should be the drivers of the cultural, economic and social development of the city,” said the Mayor of Sarajevo, Benjamina Karić.
The Global Production Awards recognize organizations that have set high standards in the film and TV industry, including studios, production companies, film locations and other activities in the film industry.
"The Global Production Award for Sarajevo is extremely significant: it means that the strategy for developing the film and TV industry in the city has been recognized as highly quality. We are proud of this global recognition, and I believe it will serve as an incentive for both institutions and the sector to achieve even greater progress in the upcoming period," said Jovan Marjanović, Director of the Sarajevo Film Festival.
The Global Production Awards highlight the best productions, exceptional and promising locations, as well as works in the field of sustainable production and diversity. 
The holder of the application for the Global Production Awards on behalf of the City of Sarajevo is Obala Art Centar, the management unit of the Sarajevo UNESCO City of Film. 
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