We welcome Cineplexx Sarajevo, our new Festival location!

Multiplex Cineplexx in Sarajevo is opening on Thursday June 17th with the movie “Fast and Furious 9”!

The new multiplex cinema, with 8 screens and covering 5000 square meters, is in the Marijin dvor area in the center of Sarajevo, right next to hotel Holiday. 

The investment value of the project (excluding plot acquisition costs) is BAM 10 million (ca. EUR 5 million). 

Cineplexx Sarajevo is equipped with the latest in cinema technology, which includes Dolby Atmos sound system and RealD Ultimate cinema screen. 

Unlike standard cinema screens, Real D Ultimate Screen has a special surface which reflects more light towards the audience and creates a much more realistic experience. 

The light in fact reflects twice, resulting in a deeper, brighter picture, and more consistent colors.

Dolby Atmos creates a mesmerizing, multidimensional sound experience allowing an immersive viewing experience. The movie atmosphere and action come alive through sound details never heard before. 

Cineplexx Sarajevo offers more than 1000 seats, including special VIP leather seats, LoveBOXes and love seats. 

Cineplexx Sarajevo has prepared special offers for our audiences: affordable cinema tickets every Wednesday and families and kids will enjoy special ticket packages for animated and family titles. There are special screening prices for schools, and business partners will be able to rent the halls for conferences. 

Cineplexx Sarajevo’s program offers movie hits such as the latest sequel of the legendary saga Fast and Furious 9, the horror Quiet place 2 and the animated treat The Croods 2: A New Age. 

Christof Papousek, financial director and managing partner Cineplexx International: 

“We are proud to open the most modern cinema in the center of Sarajevo on June 17th.  Visitors will not only enjoy picture and sound perfection in every of the 8 halls but also a holistic entertainment concept.

The journey up to now was not easy and we faced many challenges, and this makes us even more proud that we are here today, presenting a new cinema in the Cineplexx family. We are very grateful for our collaboration with the Hotel Europe Group and the big support from the Sarajevo Film Festival. Being in the position to work with such partners is a privilege and will bring a new dimension of cinema experience in Sarajevo.” 

Enver Hadžiabdić, executive of Cineplexxa Sarajevo: 

“We are very happy to finally be able to welcome audience in the new Cineplexx Sarajevo. In the times of pandemic, we faced many challenges, learned a lot, overcame many obstacles and are now happy to offer the public in Sarajevo a modern cinema in the perfect position, in the center of Sarajevo. We wish everyone to enjoy movies, and for Cineplexx to be their place for movies and entertainment. We are also looking forward to visitors and guests of the 27th Sarajevo Film festival that will be held at Cineplexx from 13th to 20th August. 

Rasim Bajrović, owner and executive of Europe group: 

“We are proud that our Hotel Europe Group with our Austrian partners, and with selfless help from the Sarajevo Film Festival management, has successfully finished this project in spite of the obstacles caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Cineplexx Sarajevo will for sure be an important base for the further development of culture and movies in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are very thankful to Cineplexx management that they recognized capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina as an important environment for their business, that they invested significant funds in this project and new job openings. We are thankful to Sarajevo Film Festival management for their big support, also to the media that follow us and the constant support of our citizens. We would like to especially thank Centar Municipality and Sarajevo Canton for the support in this and other projects.” 

Mirsad Purivatra, executive of Sarajevo Film Festival

“Cineplexx Sarajevo will bring a completely different experience of cinema culture. We welcome Cineplexx and its investors that recognized the potential of this market. Even though pandemic stopped the world for a certain period, moving tracks of movies never stops. We are looking forward to the audience and are happy for a new festival location. I am sure the audience of 27th Sarajevo Film festival will enjoy this new location. Most modern technology available in the exhibitor market that Cineplexx is equipped with, is a big step forward in the development of the movie market in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Investing in culture, and by doing so investing also in the quality of everyday life of citizens of Sarajevo, is a big sign of progress for movie industry and in economy and life in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”



Cineplexx Constantin Film-Holding GmbH was founded in 1951. in Austria as a film distribution company and is known as a modern and visionary company. 

Cineplexx International GmbH stared expanding in 2009., and first cinema outside of Austria was open in Bolzano, North Tirol. Today Cineplexx holds a strong market position with 60 cinema locations Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Greece, Romania and Italy. 

With around 1,700 employees Cineplexx cinemas welcomes almost 13 million visitors per year. 


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