Sarajevo Film Festival gets a new red carpet for its silver jubilee

To mark 25 years since its establishment, the Sarajevo Film Festival will officially roll out a new red carpet!

In cooperation with and under the auspices of the City of Sarajevo and its mayor Abdulah Skaka, the red carpet - a recognizable symbol of one of the most significant European film festivals - will get a new look. The design of the new red carpet, which will traditionally be rolled out in front of the National Theater in Sarajevo to honor filmmakers, artists and filmgoers, combines traditional and modern elements.

After an extensive research of traditional Bosnian kilims in the collection of the National Museum of Bosnia-Herzegovina, the creative team of the Sarajevo Film Festival found the inspiration for the design of the festival’s new red carpet in a traditional Sarajevo kilim from 1930.

 “The City of Sarajevo is part of the Sarajevo Film Festival, and the festival is part of the city. We truly feel as part of the team that has created new and globally recognized cultural value over the past 25 years since the launch the Festival. We know that some of the previous city administrations did not recognize the importance of the SFF and had cut back on the city’s financial contribution to the festival, but over the past two years, the city government has been providing the festival with significant and well-deserved financial backing. We are committed to doing even more. The project to design a new red carpet for the Sarajevo Film Festival, inspired by a traditional Bosnian kilim, is an example of talent and creativity in promotion of our historic cultural values. It is an example of how young people can create added value for this city, as well as the country, when they are trusted and given a chance. To roll out a traditional Bosnian kilim in front of the National Theater where it will be seen by millions of people is a truly impressive idea. It is ours, just like the Bosnian kilim is ours and just like the Sarajevo Film Festival is ours, pride-inspiring and worthy of support,” said Sarajevo mayor Abdulah Skaka.

“We are happy that we will have a new red carpet for our silver jubilee. It was inspired by and created with respect for tradition. We believe that our new red carpet will be a unique sight for all the guests of the 25th Sarajevo Film Festival. We are grateful to the City of Sarajevo and its mayor Abdulah Skaka for their support in the realization of this idea. Our new red carpet celebrates our past success, but also points the way for the future of the Festival, Sarajevo, our audiences and the art of film,” said Mirsad Purivatra, director of the Sarajevo Film Festival.

The 25th annual Sarajevo Film Festival will run from August 16-23 under the patronage from UNESCO. The motto of the silver edition of the Festival is “’Sarajevo mon amour”

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