24. April 2024.
The 30th Sarajevo Film Festival: Honorary Heart of Sarajevo Award and „Tribute to“ Programme dedicated to Elia Suleiman
29. Februar 2024.
Submissions for the Heart of Sarajevo Awards for TV series are open
27. Februar 2024.
Film / Drama Series Submissions for the 30th Sarajevo Film Festival Programmes
07. Februar 2024.
Talents Sarajevo Call for Entries 2024
03. Januar 2024.
Cinema-goers in Bosnia and Herzegovina went to the cinemas more than in previous years - 1.3 million viewers in BiH cinemas in 2023
21. Decembar 2023.
CineLink Drama Opens Call for Entries
20. Decembar 2023.
CineLink Co-Production Market Opens Call for Entries
24. Novembar 2023.
Golden Card Holiday Discount for the 30th Sarajevo Film Festival
12. Novembar 2023.
Ceasefire now! Release all hostages now!
20. Septembar 2023.
"Challenges of Urban Mobility and Zero Pollution in Sarajevo": Concrete initiatives for a sustainable future of the city
19. August 2023.
Survey for the audience and guests of the Sarajevo Film Festival on sustainable development
18. August 2023.
29th Sarajevo Film Festival: Projections from Open Air cinemas move to closed cinemas
18. August 2023.
Awards Presented to Authors of the Best Videos in the "Films for Future" Competition
18. August 2023.
Tonight: The Awards Ceremony of the 29th Sarajevo Film Festival
17. August 2023.
Masterclass with Lynne Ramsay today
17. August 2023.
CineLink Talks with Dragan Bjelogrlić: GUARDIANS OF THE FORMULA Has International Potential
17. August 2023.
Masterclass with Jessica Hausner: My New Film Will Explore the Question of Hope
17. August 2023.
Adna Špuren from Sarajevo won the "Films for Future" competition
16. August 2023.
Public Discussion on "Femicide in Film, Television, and New Media" Takes Place
16. August 2023.
Revised Screening Schedule for the 29th Sarajevo Film Festival
16. August 2023.
The Film "Heroes of Halyard" Was Not Screened at the Sarajevo Film Festival
16. August 2023.
Film Screenings of the 29th Sarajevo Film Festival Will Not Take Place Today
15. August 2023.
Tonight: Gala Screening of GUARDIANS OF THE FORMULA by Dragan Bjelogrlić
15. August 2023.
Grand Coffee with Charlie Kaufman: People Need to Write the Truth
14. August 2023.
Honorary Heart of Sarajevo awarded to Charlie Kaufman
14. August 2023.
15. Human Rights Day takes place: Film SNAJKA: DIARY OF EXPECTATION can empower girls to say "no“
14. August 2023.
In memory of the victims of the crime in Gradačac
14. August 2023.
Charlie Kaufman holds Masterclass, will be awarded the Honorary Heart of Sarajevo tonight