Festival Themes

Béla Tarr President of the Jury for Competition Programme – Feature Film
Sarajevo Film Festival has the pleasure of announcing that this year's President of the Jury for Competition Programme – Feature Film will be one of the most significant directors of our time.
Tribute to: Michael Winterbottom
The 20th Sarajevo Film Festival Tribute to Michael Winterbottom is a concise illustration how stubbornly and in different keys, using unconventional formal procedures and experiments, this author reminds us that films are not just stories about the world around us, but also reflections about their own nature.
Sarajevo Film Festival Guests
Bernal, Hazanavicius, Leigh, Bejo, Žbanić, Leo, Diao, Winterbottom, Agnes B., Labed and Pawlikowski, among others, will be guests of this year's Sarajevo Film Festival.
Honorary Heart of Sarajevo 2014
As in all previous years, the Sarajevo Film Festival presented the Honorary Heart of Sarajevo Award. This award honours an individual for exceptional contribution to the affirmation and development of film and support in development of the Sarajevo Film Festival.
Partnership with Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía
Continuing the success of last year’s partnership with the Doha Film Institute (DFI), this year the Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF) will work with Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía(IMCINE) in order to bring Mexican films to the audiences of SFF.