Projects for the 3rd Docu Rough Cut Boutique selected

Sarajevo Film Festival and Balkan Documentary Center proudly announce official selection of 5 chosen projects for the 3rd edition of the Docu Rough Cut Boutique. Selected projects are chosen because of their unique style and the strength of the story telling, as well as cinematic vision of the filmmakers.

Projects for the 3rd edition of the Docu Rough Cut Boutique are:

Baglar - Turkey, directors and producers Berke Bas, Melis Birder, Inhouse projects

An underdog basketball team from hard scrabble Diyarbakir in Southeastern Turkey goes beyond winning games in their mission to rise above prejudice, poverty and political turmoil created by the decades long conflict between the Turkish state and Kurdish rebels who are fighting for local autonomy and cultural rights.

Melis Bider and Berke Bas (both Media Studies graduates from the New School for Social Research, New York) are co-founders of Inhouse Projects production company and authors of a number of award-winning documentaries.  

Roma Rally - Hungary/ Germany, director Gábor Hörcher, producers Marcell Iványi, Marieke Bittner, KraatsFilm/ Weydemann Bros.    

Ricsi, 17 years old, from a rural family, is trying to fulfill his childhood dream by competing in the village rally with his only treasure: a rundown, makeshift BMW. While racing against the local competition, he is challenging his father for attention and respect and faces the consequences for his illegal activities.
The film is centered around Ricsi’s dream which is constantly challenged by his – irrational – desires and his coming of age.

Director Gábor Hörcher and co-producer Marieke Bittner met as participants of the Sarajevo Talent Campus in 2010. They decided to coproduce the film with KraatsFilm and Weydemann Bros. Together they won the Co-Production Prize by the Robert Bosch Stiftung in 2011.
In the Dark - Serbia, director Goran Stankovic, producer Snezana Penev, This & That Productions    

In a small mining town in Southern Serbia, everything revolves around the local mine and everybody is in some way connected to it. The film’s narrative is centered around a traditional miners family, a father and son. Davor, a young miner, refuses to follow the family tradition and tries to find a way to leave his job and home town.
Almost 20 years ago, Emir Kusturica made a film about the underground as an analogy for life in the Balkans. This documentary will take that metaphor and juxtapose it with reality, exploring a world that is rarely visited. And from inside that world, examine how life on the surface, Serbia today, appears.

Goran Stankovic is co-founder together with producer Snezana Penev of This &That Productions for creative projects. In the Dark is his first feature documentary.    

Mia, Myself and an extra chromosome - Croatia, director Eva Kraljević, producers Dana Budisavljević, Miljenka Čogelja, Hulahop

Life lesson about love, acceptance and gratitude that reveals a bright side of life with mental retardation. It´s a story about my sister Mia and me, her love life and me, trying to accept her.   

Eva Kraljević is an established cinematographer and photographer with a number of award-winning documentaries. This is her directorial debut. 

The Man from Midja - Georgia / Germany directors Eka Papiashvili, Carsten Böhnke, producer Carsten Böhnke, Greenstonefilms 

This is a film about two 90 year old friends from the Georgian mountains, who kept arguing about Stalin almost every day since 1945. Behind their “arguing tradition”, there is a complex structure of both personal and historical incidences, including Dathos war imprisonment in Germany which led to the fact that Dathos had to stay a peasant whereas Nika was allowed to study.

Eka Papiashvili has a background in anthropology and directing. Carsten Böhhnke has studied philosophy, literature and political science before he studied directing in Georgia and film production at the HFF Konrad Wolf/Germany. This is their first feature length documentary.


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