Coca-Cola and Sarajevo Film Festival Celebrate 20th Anniversary of Partnership

Coca-Cola HBC B-H Sarajevo and the Sarajevo Film Festival have marked two important anniversaries - Coca-Cola’s fortieth anniversary of doing business in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the twentieth anniversary of its partnership with the festival - by signing a new three-year cooperation contract.

The contract was signed by Coca-Cola HBC B-H Sarajevo general manager Maria Anargyrou-Nikolić and the director of the Sarajevo Film Festival Mirsad Purivatra during a ceremony held in the Meting Point cinema in the presence of the two companies' staff and media representatives.

“The best way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Coca-Cola’s work in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the 20th anniversary of our amazing partnership with the Sarajevo Film Festival is by continuing with what we have been doing so far. This project is very important for the local community and thus also for Coca-Cola. Our partnership with the Sarajevo Film Festival provides us with an opportunity to contribute to the quality of life and the wellbeing of our community, to assist the national film scene in Bosnia-Herzegovina and young filmmakers in particular as well as to promote Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina as an important film center and a place one must visit every year in August,” said Maria Nikolić.

“We are very proud of our 20-year-long partnership and of the achievements and successes of the Festival which we perceive as our own. It gives us pleasure that Coca-Cola, with our unique beverage and everything we do, will continue to contribute to the special moments of the Sarajevo Film Festival,” she added.

The Sarajevo Film Festival director Mirsad Purivatra congratulated Coca-Cola employees on the 40th anniversary of their company’s work in Bosnia-Herzegovina, also expressing joy because of the 20th anniversary of its partnership with the Festival and the decision to continue this cooperation.

“It gives us immense pleasure that Coca-Cola has been supporting the Sarajevo Film Festival from its early days. During the past two decades of our cooperation, the Sarajevo Film Festival has been slowly building its brand which is today well known not only locally and regionally but also internationally,” Purivatra said, stressing the importance of the partnership with Coca-Cola for the Sarajevo Film Festival.

“It is clear that we would not have been where we are today in the absence of Coca-Cola’s support and its proactive approach to our partnership. It was the best encouragement for other companies to also join the family of the Sarajevo Film Festival’s partners. We hope that our cooperation will continue to be as successful as it had been over the past twenty years,” Purivatra concluded.

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