CineLink Industry Days

22. Februar 2017.
CineLink Drama 2017 – Call for Entries
19. Decembar 2016.
CineLink Co-production Market 2017 – First Call for Entries
20. August 2016.
Sarajevo Film Festival and TRT TV Movies launch new feature film production scheme
20. August 2016.
First Think Tank on the future of co-production markets held at CineLink Industry Days
15. August 2016.
CineLink Industry Days Launches New Drama Series Platform for Southeast Europe
04. August 2016.
Ten projects selected and new award announced for Sarajevo Work in Progress sessions
20. Juni 2016.
CineLink Co-production Market Selection Unveiled
01. Juni 2016.
CineLink Work in Progress Call for Entries
25. Mart 2016.
CineLink Unveils First Six Projects Selected for the Co-Production Market and Announced Second Call for Entries
11. August 2015.
Sarajevo Film Festival announces Work in Progress selection
07. August 2015.
New ties to be created between Polish and Southeast European film
25. Juni 2015.
CineLink Unveils Final Selection
15. Juni 2015.
CineLink Work in Progress Call for Entries is Open
01. April 2015.
First 8 projects of CineLink selection announced + second call for entries is now open
18. Decembar 2014.
CineLink 2015 First Call for Entries is Now Open
18. August 2014.
Sarajevo Film Festival Launches Global Co-production Fund
07. August 2014.
7 projects selected for the 7th Work in Progress sessions in Sarajevo
05. August 2014.
Sarajevo Film Festival, BFI and British Council bring the UK to Southeast Europe
02. Juli 2014.
CineLink Work in Progress Call for Entries