CineLink Industry Days

15. Maj 2023.
CineLink Producers’ Lab Call for Entries
12. Maj 2023.
CineLink Work in Progress Call for Entries 2023
09. Maj 2023.
CineLink Industry Days Announces CineLink Impact Award Presented by Think-Film Impact Production
03. Maj 2023.
Docu Talents from the East Call for Entries
13. Mart 2023.
CineLink Co-production Market & CineLink Drama Call for Entries
16. Februar 2023.
Docu Rough Cut Boutique announces projects selected for 2023 edition
16. Februar 2023.
Sarajevo Film Festival announces a winner of the True Stories Market call
23. Decembar 2022.
New call launched: “Going European: a co-production training for writers”
11. Novembar 2022.
Presenting the True Stories Market Award
18. August 2022.
20th CineLink Industry Days Awards