Virtual Reality Days

We are happy to present the second edition of our VR days, designed to offer both practical and visionary insights into this exciting field. Join us at Networks for five sessions with experts who explore the latest developments and opportunities.

Virtual Reality Days

Location: NETWORKS (Skenderpašina 1)

Monday, 14 August

10:00 – 12:00
Creating Cinematic VR Content: Introducing Technologies to Use and Techniques to Apply – Philipp Wenning (Virtual Reality Full Service Studio INVR.SPACE GmbH)
This lecture addresses technical workflows and creative approaches to content creation for Cinematic VR. Cinematic VR is a promising field within the development of content for virtual reality. Participants have the opportunity to raise and discuss their questions and theoretically run through the basic workflow of content creation for Cinematic VR.
Philipp Wenning studied film and TV directing at FAMU Pragueand editing at the Film University Potsdam Babelsberg. At INVR.SPACE he is responsible for developing narrative concepts for VR and creative workflows for the company's custom built camera systems.

15:00 - 16:30
‘Creative Survival’: A Case Study of the London-Based Production Company Capture – M J McMahon
How do you set up your business, build the right portfolio of skills and projects, and develop creative ideas? M J McMahon will take us through the story of the production company Capture, tell us how its commercial and film projects intersect with and complement each other, and share his thoughts on how to create your own professional future.
M J McMahon is a multi-award winning director/producer with extensive experience of digital post-production. In 2009 he co-founded Capture, a production company working in film, commercials, animation, VFX, motion graphics and online content for a wide range of clients.

Tuesday, 15 August

10:00 – 12:00
Explore What Is Out of Reach - Photorealistic & Interactive Factual Content for VR – Daniel Sproll (
VR is not something you do, it's a place you go. combines photogrammetry and non-linear storytelling to create photorealistic, interactive factual VR content, empowering the user to freely explore a real-world location. Daniel Sproll gives an in-depth look into some of of the company’s projects, the technology behind them and what they have learned about VR storytelling.
With a background in cognitive science, Daniel Sproll started in VR as a scientist studying human navigation behaviour. He later worked on VR & AR projects as UX Researcher and Designer, and in 2015 co-founded Daniel is also a frequent speaker at events ranging from meetups to neuroscience symposiums.

15:00 - 17:00
VR as Part of a Transmedia Storytelling Kit – Simon Wilkinson (CiRCA 69)
Virtual reality arrives in an era defined by non-linear information sharing, interactivity, playfulness and audiences who increasingly demand all these qualities from their culture. Using his forthcoming large-scale, immersive, multi-platform VR / AR work 'Whilst the Rest Were Sleeping' as a reference point, Simon Wilkinson [CiRCA69] explores an approach to virtual reality that sees it as part of a transmedia toolkit of inter-related platforms, rather than as a stand-alone medium.
Simon Wilkinson is an artist whose work incorporates audiovisual, installation, virtual reality, electronic music, online and performance mediums. His work has been featured at Tate Modern and tours the international circuit, and he lectures internationally on transmedia storytelling and VR.

Wednesday 16 August

10:00 – 12:00
VR/AR/360° - Where to Use It, and When to Leave It Be! – Boris Kantzow (Weltenmacher)
Virtual and augmented realities offer unprecedented options, but how do you make the most of them? This session will give a summary of 360°, VR, AR and classic video, and a comparison of the respective benefits and shortcomings. An informative and fun journey through these (new) media with both postitive and negative examples, along with tips about which medium to use for which purpose.
Boris Kantzow is currently a professor at the University of Applied Sciences RheinMain and has recently co-founded a new start-up for VR and AR technologies; Weltenmacher GmbH. He is an award-winning producer/director, and was the founder/CEO of the start-up Code One, realizing new creative live-video-formats.