Sarajevo City of Film Fund

Providing financial support to exciting projects from both established and emerging talent done in international coproduction involving coproducers, artists and technicians from South-East Europe.

Sarajevo City of Film Fund

The Origins

Sarajevo City of Film Fund has been Sarajevo Film Festival's production support scheme for realisation of short micro-budget films, by young filmmakers, from different countries in our region, who have participated in the previous editions of the Sarajevo Talent Campus.  

It ran from 2008 to 2013, investing 350 000 euro in cash, with additional

350 000 euro in in kind services from companies from the region, producing 25 short films in technical and artistic cooperation of over 300 directors, scriptwriters, producers, actors, cinematographers, editors and composers, from

12 different countries in Southeast Europe.

Short films supported by the Sarajevo City of Film Fund have won awards in international and national festivals, circulated widely and have been sold to different short film distributors. More importantly a big number of young filmmakers, mostly freshly out of film school, have experienced international coproduction first-hand on their own projects and created a pool of talent focused on international cooperation and international audiences. This was evidenced later in numerous cooperations between them on their feature films that followed.

From A Micro Budget Production Scheme To A Fully-Fledged Film Fund

At the start of 2013, the scheme has undergone an internal review and was stirred towards support to feature films. 

The first omnibus feature the Fund supported, The Quintet, was based exactly on the premise of our past work and has brought together young filmmakers from all over the world who met at various Talent Campuses and their producers from seven countries, as diverse as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland, Lebanon, Italy, US, Turkey and France. The film had world premiere at the 20th Sarajevo Film Festival. 

The second feature was another omnibus, but made on the theme of Sarajevo, on the occasion of 100 years from the start of World War I, in which 13 renown European authors, including Ursula Mayer, J.L. Godard, Aida Begic, Sergei Loznitza, Angela Schanelec and Cristi Puiu, offered their view of Sarajevo and its place in European psyche in these past 100 years. The film world premiered in Cannes as an Out of Competition title in the Official Selection and has gone on a long festival circuit run afterwards, including the special gala spot as one of the opening films of the 20th Sarajevo Film Festival.

New Scheme(S)

Sarajevo City of Film Fund is now aimed at galvanising co-production and distribution between Southeast Europe and global, international partners. The new schemes will be open to feature film projects that can clearly demonstrate their potential to raise funding and find placement in new markets. We’re looking at the Middle East and North Africa, the Americas, India and the Far East as our primary new markets. 

Coproduction Scheme – up to 60.000 Euro per project in a form of a soft loan

P&A Scheme - up to 60.000 Euro per project in a form of a soft loan

We are looking to support production of up to 8 feature films, for which the Fund has already secured a budget of 400 000 Euro in the next two years period.

Main Partner And New Partners

Main partner of the project, since its very beginning was ATLANTIC Grupa, a major Croatian multinational consumer goods production and distribution company who has recently reconfirmed its support for the next incarnation of Sarajevo City of Film project. The Fund is also backed by the European Commission’s new international co-production programme in the framework of the new Creative Europe MEDIA programme. These two partnerships reflect our aim to ensure a healthy mix of private and public funding when attracting new partners to the Fund. 

Films and culture in general are proven vectors of social and economic cohesion and development. We see the objectives of these schemes also from that perspective and think new markets for films can be the new markets for other goods and services. We strongly believe that the business sector has an important role in maintaining a competitive cultural sector and can only hope that the public sector can recognise this better in our region and incentivise the business sector further to get involved. 

The Teams Credentials

Sarajevo Film Festival administers the Fund. The project is shifting our traditional regional focus global, a change in line with some other activities and partnerships of the Festival, like the ones with the Doha Film Institute, Mexican IMCINE and the Indian NFDC that show growing international presence at what was until recently a mostly European event. Our existing strong links to other regional, national and international film funds in Europe and the world that have been forged through their participation at the Festival will ensure good flow of information on projects and ensure additional transparency and reduce the risk of investment.


Jovan Marjanović, Executive Director
Sarajevo City of Film Fund

Zelenih Beretki 12
71 000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina