Sarajevo City of Film Fund

03. May 2021.
Shooting New Danis Tanović's Film Started in Sarajevo
19. August 2019.
Sarajevo City of film for global screen to greenlight a new feature by Pjer Žalica
03. October 2018.
"A Good Day's Work" in Competition of the 40th CINEMED
04. September 2018.
"Good Day's Work" at Busan Film Festival
02. July 2018.
Shooting of Sarajevo City of Film Projects Completed
14. August 2017.
Sarajevo City of Film is back!
12. August 2017.
A Good Day's Work to Be Produced as Part of SCF GS
09. February 2015.
Sarajevo City of Film Funds’ - Coproduction Support Scheme Fully Operational
19. August 2013.
Film HOLIDAY AT THE SEASIDE won Atlantic Grupa Award
19. August 2013.
Atlantic Grupa Award will be presented Tonight
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