Avant Premiere

Avant Premiere

The Avant Premiere Program presents sneak previews of European films and upcoming regional drama series for Sarajevo Film Festival audience. It also offers a meeting place for regional distribution and exhibition sectors with trailer presentations, seminars and workshops. 


The program was launched in 2014 within the industrial section of the Sarajevo Film Festival with the intention of strengthening the regional cinema network, improving placements, and promoting and distributing films from our language region to the regional market.

From this year as the result of CineLink Drama program development and the increasing popularity of television dramas, the program is focused on the screening of television dramas which are competing for Audience award. Strong commercial potential of our regional drama series and the fact that they will be distributed in the autumn/winter season is what links the titles which will be shown in this program. Avant Premiere Gala is proud to present five television dramas this year.

Our sixth edition of AVANT PREMIERE PROGRAM promises new challenges in the Avant Premiere Trailers, Avant Premiere Gala and Avant Premiere Lab sections.



Tina Hajon
Avant Premiere Program Manager
Sarajevo Film Festival
Zelenih beretki 12
71 000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina