What application requirements do I have to meet?

a) You are fluent in the English language.

b) You are a citizen of one of the following countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Malta, Moldavia, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia and Turkey.

c) You have not previously participated in Talents Sarajevo.

d) You fill in the application form completely and in English. If you are selected to participate, please be aware that some of the data you provide will be published on our website or in other Talents Sarajevo info material.

e) You work or study in the following areas: production, directing, acting, cinematography, screenwriting, film criticism or editing.

f) You have done one of the following:

you have worked on at least one short or feature film that was awarded a prize or has been invited to an international film festival


you are a student of final two years at a film school and have worked on several short films.


you are a professional in other fields of audio-visual media and are currently preparing a short or feature film project.

As a film critic, you have done one of the following: 

you have published at least 3 articles in the last two years 


you are a student of final two years at School of Humanities/Journalism

g) You have submitted a complete application, including your filmography/biography, motivation letter and a sample of work


Can I attend Talents Sarajevo a second time?

No. You may only participate in Talents Sarajevo once.

Is academic education or degree (in acting, cinematography, directing, film criticism producing, screenwriting) obligatory? 

No academic education or degree is obligatory. Filmmakers with different professional backgrounds are welcome to apply. The pre-condition is that they are committed to pursuing a career in film or film-related area. 


Are team applications considered as well?

We do NOT accept team applications. Each applicant is registered individually and with a separate (and a different) sample of work. In case you were working on the same production as another applicant, every member of the team must apply as an individual according to his/her field of work. For Talents Sarajevo, it is the individual who is selected and not the film. 


How can I apply for TALENTS SARAJEVO?

You may apply online. Simply read through the information on our website. You will be asked to provide some contact and personal information, as well as to send a sample of your work. To complete your application, you must fill out the online form and submit your sample before the deadline mentioned in the participation conditions.


What should I include in my submission along with my sample of work?

Unless instructed to do so, do NOT send any additional documentation, curriculum vitae, press or promotional material, photographs, etc. All the information we need, MUST be filled out by you in the online application form.


What is a mini-film or a sample of work?

Your sample of work is the most important criterion for the Selection Committee. There is no specific theme or required subject; please feel free to submit a sample that best represents your creativity. For most applicants, it will be a mini film of three minutes in length. You can send in: a film shot specifically for this occasion, a self-portrait, an excerpt from a longer film or a short film in duration of 3 min max. For certain fields of work, we have provided submission requirements in the application directly. Screenwriters, for instance, are asked to submit excerpt from a screenplay or a screenplay for a short film, and film critics should submit three articles published in the last two years. Please read participation conditions within the application carefully. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

The sample of work should be in English or have English subtitles. Only ONE sample of work for the general application will be considered per applicant. 


Do I need to apply for Pack&Pitch and Film Stage Studio separately?

Yes. In order to apply for Pack&Pitch and/or for Film Stage Studio, you need to submit your general application for Talents Sarajevo first. Afterwards you will be instructed how to apply for Pack&Pitch and Film Stage Studio.


What application requirements do I have to meet to apply for Pack&Pitch?

You need to be a director or a producer with a project (short, feature or documentary) you are currently working on. Detailed submission requirements are provided in the application directly.


What application requirements do I have to meet to apply for Film Stage Studio?

You need to be a director/screenwriter or a screenwriter and you need to submit a DRAMATIC SCENE between two characters, ages between 18-40 years old, preferably involving dialog. Submitted scenes should be no longer than 3 pages. Preference will be given to scenes with a dramatic turning point, either a dramatic change in the two characters’ relationship, or a dramatic revelation of character qualities or character changes in the scene. Three most compelling scenes will be selected for the training purposes. The training will end with the presentation of the three scenes. Other participants of the workshop will not be required to submit any materials but will be asked whether they would like to be considered for participation in the Film Stage Studio. They will be selected based on their application to Talents Sarajevo prior, at the beginning or during the workshop. Detailed information is provided in the application directly.

Do I need to apply for other labs and studios, e.g. Acting Studio, Camera Studio, Script Station, Editing Studio, Talent Press separately?

No. Actors, directors of photography, screenwriters, editors and film critics who apply for Talents Sarajevo automatically qualify for Acting Studio, Camera Studio, Script Station, Editing Studio and Talent Press.


Do the three minutes include the credits?

No. Three minutes do not include the credits.


When will I be informed about the selection for the Talents Sarajevo?

We will inform you by e-mail. The selected participants' names will be published on our website after the final selection, which will be made by the end of June.

Do participants of the previous editions of Talents Sarajevo get free accreditations? Can they attend Talents Sarajevo master classes, panel discussions, workshops or pitching sessions?

Participants of the previous editions of Talents Sarajevo do not get free accreditations. However, they can apply for Festival accreditations, which are not free of charge. With these accreditations, they can attend all the TS master classes, moderated talks and discussion panels, which are public and open to the accredited guests of the Festival. 


What should my motivation letter include?

Beside your sample of work, your motivation letter is the most important segment of your application. That is where you explain to the Selection Committee why YOU should be chosen among other applicants. 

I have not received automated confirmation e-mail after I registered and/or submitted my application. What should I do? 

If you do not receive an automated confirmation e-mail within 24 hours after filling out the registration form and/or submitting your application, please notify so we can manually check our database to see whether your online entry has been processed or not. Please do NOT fill in a second application.



Once you submit the application you will not be able to make any changes and submit another application by using the same e-mail address!