Emile Hirsch and David Gordon Green Guests of „Coffee with ...“ Programme

Actor Emile Hirsch and Director David Gordon Green joined us for the first of today's „Coffee with...“ sessions. Hirsch took lead role alongside actor Paul Rudd in Gordon's Prince Avalance, which screened yesterday evening at theLjetno kino !hej.

Topics ranged from Hirsch's relationship with Rudd and how the his role compares with previous films, for example, Hirsch's role in Into the Wild. Indeed, both Gordon and Hirsch spoke of how the film was unlike anything they had done before. For Gordon the film was a departure from hollywood comedies such as the Pinapple Express, citing a lower budget and much quicker shooting time.

Much of the „Coffee with...“ session paid homage to the recently deceased Lance LeGault, as does the film itself, before the floor was opened for questions from an eagery awaiting crowd.

Green conclded the session by mentioning that he will be presenting a new film in Venice soon titled Joe - a modern day Western film with Nicholas Cage taking lead role.

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