Coffee with... : Conversation with Pablo Berger

Following last night's screening of BLANCANIEVES, director Pablo Berger was joined by an eager crowd of aspiring film-makers, critics and general admirers for another relaxaed 'Coffee with...' programme.

As a piece of modern silent cinema, much of the focus of the conversation was given to technical aspects of the film, given both Berger's love of photography and the questions raised by aspiring photographers and directors from the crowd. Indeed, Berger said that with BLANCANIEVES, he was paying tribute to the cinematic style of the 1920's although this is very much a film for the modern audience.

As a periodic director, having films placed mostly in the past or future, Berger teased the the „Coffee with...“ public with a contemporary film to follow – but would not give away too much! For now, Berger is enjoying the current success of BLANCANIEVES, his time in Sarajevo and the upcoming premiere of his film in Italy.

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