Sarajevo City of Film 2013 Projects Selected

This year again, as a part of the Sarajevo City of Film project, four short films will be made and later premiered at the Sarajevo Film Festival.

 The call for entry attracted the total of thirteen projects whose teams of authors were made up of young talents, the participants of the 5th and 6th Sarajevo Talent Campus, and the selected projects for the 2013 Sarajevo City of Film are:  
director: Barbara Vekarić (Croatia)
screenplay: Barbara Vekarić (Croatia)
actors: Ismir Gagula (B&H), Ena Kurtalić (B&H)
director: Cristina Grosan (Romania)
screenplay: Stefan Statnic (Romania)
actors: Andreea Vasile (Romania), Stefan Statnic (Romania)
directors: Katarina Stanković (Serbia) & Konstantina Kotzamani (Greece) 
actor: Ismir Gagula (B&H)
The shooting will take place in Sarajevo in the months to come. Considering the goals of the Sarajevo City of Film project, which are a discovery of new talent and new cinematic expressions, as well as encouragement of collaboration between young directors whose work represents the future of regional cinema, each year the teams of the projects selected are made up of participants from at least two different countries. This way the Sarajevo Film Festival tries to encourage the creation of a new regional network of film talent.
In addition to the above mentioned projects, there would be one more film made as a part of the omnibus within Talent Campus International, which is:
director: Ariel Shaban (Albania)
screenplay: Ivan Knežević (Serbia)
actors: Jelena Stupljanin (Serbia), Adi Hrustemović (B&H)
Just as in the previous years, producers’ workshops will be held as a part of the Sarajevo City of Film project, and this year’s participants include Dora Nedeczky (Hunagary), Dragana Jovanović (Serbia) and Luka Venturin (Croatia). The Sarajevo City of Film producers’ workshops are intended for young professionals from the 17 countries in the region which took part as producers in one of the previous two editions of the Sarajevo Talent Campus. Taking part in this workshop, they would have the opportunity to gain hands on experience working on the shorts during the Sarajevo City of Film project.
The main partner of the Sarajevo City of Film project in the ATLANTIC Group, which will, as it did in the previous years, award the best film of the 2013 Sarajevo City of Film project. The films will be competing for the British Council Short Film Award.



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