Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Will Host Workshops at 7th STC

After the successful beginning of the collaboration between the Sarajevo Talent Campus and Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences during the 18th Sarajevo Film Festival, representatives of this renowned institution expressed their wish to continue their work with the STC.

Last July during the 6th Sarajevo Talent Campus there was a video conference „The Digital Future is Here: The Changing Reality of Making Motion Pictures“. In the discussion participated representatives of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, among them director Debra Granik („Winter’s Bone“), music editor Suzana Perić („The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring“ and „The Silence of the Lambs“), producer Celine Rattray („The Kids Are All Right“ and „New York, I Love You“), artistic director Kristi Zea („Revolutionary Road“ and „The Departed“), editor Affonso Gonçalves („Beasts of the Southern Wild“ and „Winter’s Bone“) as well as the participants of the 6th Sarajevo Talent Campus. The conference was moderated by film critic and Sarajevo Talent Campus associate Nebojša Jovanović.   
The idea is that during the 7th Sarajevo Talent Campus the Academy would host a series of lectures and workshops for the young talent in Southeastern Europe. The collaboration between the Sarajevo Film Festival and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is part of the „Global Outreach“ programme organized by the Academy.       
Sarajevo Talent Campus coordinator Asja Makarević met last week in Los Angeles with representatives of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with whom she defined all the details of this important collaboration, including the arrival of the delegation of eminent filmmakers and members of the Academy to Sarajevo in the period of August 20 through 24. As it was previously agreed, the delegation would be made up of an actor, a director, a screenwriter, a creative producer and a casting agent, and they will take part in this year’s Campus, in line with the areas encompassed by the Sarajevo Talent Campus program.       
The young talent, participants of the 7th Sarajevo Talent Campus would be able to take part in numerous workshops hosted for them in Sarajevo by representatives and guest lecturers of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. There would be a director’s workshop and an actor’s workshop, with the guest casting agent, then followed by a case study or a panel discussion with other lecturers staying in Sarajevo. This way the education program of Sarajevo Talent Campus will be greatly improved, and the young talent will have yet another opportunity to expand upon their knowledge learning from the some of the best in the industry.     
During her visit to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Asja Makarević also joined a panel discussion entitled Oscar „Celebrates: Foreign Language Films“, organized by the Academy. The participants were filmmakers nominated for the 2012 Oscar award for the Best Foreign Language Film, and director Ang Lee who delivered an introductory speech. The panel discussed, among other things, filmmaking and creative processes, challenges of filmmaking, but also art in general and politics. The panel was moderated by Oscar-winning producer Mark Johnson.  



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