It is our great pleasure to invite you to the 22nd edition of Sarajevo Film Festival which will take place from 12th to 20th of August 2016.



Rules of the Press Office of the Sarajevo Film Festival apply to all accredited media representatives. By accepting media accreditation all media representatives acknowledge that they accept and will respect all Press Office rules.

Please study this document carefully!

If you have additional questions please contact the Press Center of the Sarajevo Film Festival.

The Sarajevo Film Festival Directorate reserves the right to withdraw accreditation of a media representative who breaches the rules listed in this document and to refuse that person’s applications for accreditation for future editions of the Festival.

Press Office of the Sarajevo Film Festival will request from all accredited media representatives to provide a detailed report on their coverage of the Festival, accompanied by copies of relevant content they had published. Eligibility of media representatives for media accreditations for future editions of the Sarajevo Film Festival will depend on that report.

Press Office of the Sarajevo Film Festival thanks you in advance for your cooperation!


Press Center of the Sarajevo Film Festival will be located in the Bosnian Cultural Center, 24 Branilaca Sarajeva Street, Sarajevo.

Press Center will be open every day from 9am to 8pm, starting on August 12, 2016.

Accredited media representatives can collect their passes at the Press Center on Thursday, August 11, from 11am to 5pm, and between 9am and 7pm every other working day.


Every day during the Sarajevo Film Festival, Press Center will distribute PRESS PROTOCOL, a document listing all daily events that are open for media representatives and providing information about timing and location of these events.


Interview Scheduling Service will assist you to set up interviews with festival guests and representatives of the Sarajevo Film Festival Directorate. Please fill out the interview request form available at the Info Desk of the Press Center and submit it to a Press Center employee.

NOTE: Possibility of an interview will depend on the schedule and availability of festival guests and SFF Directorate representatives. Completion of the form does not guarantee confirmation and scheduling of a requested interview. Please note that this is the only available procedure for scheduling of interviews.



Sarajevo Film Festival has official photographers who will cover all facets of the Festival and post their photos daily in the photo GALERY at the official Festival website Media are allowed to use and publish these photos with source citation reading “Photo credit: SFF”


Press Center provides personal computers with internet connection, as well as wireless internet access, to accredited media representatives. You can find them and use them free of charge in our INTERNET CENTER.


Accredited media representatives can use a photocopying machine located at the Press Center. The machine can be used with the assistance of the Press Center employees.



Special press screenings will be organized only for films from the Competition Program - Feature Film. Accredited media representatives can use their accreditation cards as entry ticket for press screenings.

Press screenings will be organized every day from August 13 to August 19 at the National Theater building.


Press conferences will be organized every day from August 13 to August 19 at the National Theater building. Press conferences will be held after press screenings. A precise schedule of press screenings and press conferences will be published every day in the PRESS PROTOCOL. SFF retains the right to change the schedule of press conferences.


Photo-calls will be held at the red carpet area half an hour before the start of screenings of films from the Feature Film Competition Program. Photo-calls are open for accredited media representatives who wish to capture the arrival to screenings of film crews and other guests of the Sarajevo Film Festival. Please note that media representatives will have access ONLY to specially designated media positions and that they must not interrupt the ceremony in any way.


In all other situations, media representatives shall respect the following rules:

Accredited media representatives can enter all festival venues to capture atmosphere ahead of the screenings and can remain inside a venue until the start of the screening. Once the screening had begun, media representatives must discontinue with their work and quietly remove their equipment from the venue so as not to disturb the audience.

Media representatives who wish to film the atmosphere inside festival venues must be accompanied by an authorized festival representative. In order to ensure that media representatives will exit the venue at an agreed time they might be required to surrender their accreditations to the security personnel at the entrance to a venue and collect them on departure. If media representatives fail to leave the venue at an agreed time (that is, if they depart after start of the screening), they will not be allowed to collect their accreditations.

Events for which the above rule will apply will be marked with the sign “*” in the PRESS PROTOCOL.

Journalists and television crews can attend/film public debates, panel discussions, special sessions and other events organized by the Sarajevo Film Festival (with the exception of events that are closed to public) provided that they do not disturb participants or interrupt the event.


Certain number of free tickets for all Festival programs is reserved for accredited media representatives. Accredited media representatives must submit a request for free tickets one day in advance. Requests must be submitted at the SFF Press Center. Please bear in mind that free screening tickets are subject to availability and that we cannot guarantee that all submitted requests will be granted. Free tickets will be available for collection on the day of the screening at the SFF Box Office in the Bosnian Cultural Center, 24 Branilaca Sarajeva Street, Sarajevo.

NOTE: Accredited media can only get one free ticket per screening and two free tickets per day.

Accredited media representatives have free access to following events:

Press Screenings of the Competition Program
Other press screenings for which special invitations/announcements are issued


If you missed the screenings of a film you wanted to see or if there are some films that you would like to watch again, go to our Video Bar where you can watch all the films selected for the 22nd Sarajevo Film Festival. Video Bar is located at the Festival Center (located in the Bosnian Cultural Center) and can be used only by accredited media representatives.