Avant Premiere Trailers

Avant Premiere Trailers

For its forth edition the Avant Premiere Programme will present sneak previews of upcoming local-language films. The purpose of Avant Premiere is to reinforce and strengthen regional promotion, distribution and market placement of films and drama series from our linguistic area (former Yugoslavia). The programme presents films that have commercial box-office potential and are set to open in theatres in the fall or winter to regional distributors, exhibitors, filmmakers, journalists, film critics, representatives of other film festivals and the festival audience. To reflect the increasing popularity of TV drama, the programme now also features an upcoming promising drama series.


Since its first edition, the programme has attracted significant attention from film distributors, exhibitors, audience, media and film critics in the region.


Tina Hajon
Avant Premiere Coordinator
Sarajevo Film Festival
Zelenih beretki 12
71 000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina