VR Exhibitions/Artwork

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It is the future, and democracy has been replaced by the all-embracing corporate rule of the Institute for Method (IFM). People’s thoughts are monitored by regular standard examinations. But the standard examinations do not always go according to plan.

360° film/VR Experience, Germany 2017
Length: approx. 12’; colour

Direction, Scenography, Script, Concept: Mona el Gammal;
Technical Director & Creative Technologist: Philipp Wenning;
Director of Photography: Christian Möller;
Postproduction Supervisor & Editor: Philipp Wenning;

Production: GmbH, Berliner Festspiele/Immersion, ZDF/ARTE

Executive & Creative Producer: Sönke Kirchhof;

Associate Producers: Simon Ofenloch (ZDF/ARTE), Kay Meseberg (ARTE360/ARTE G.E.I.E.), Annina Zwettler (ARTE Deutschland), Jochen Werner (Berliner Festspiele)



An interactive interview-based documentary about the Future of Virtual Reality. Famous Pioneers of early VR-Days tell their vision and Ideas of where the technology will go, what are the dangers but more so what are the chances.

360° interactive film/VR Experience, Germany 2016
Length: approx. 5’; colour / stereo

DIRECTOR: Philipp Wenning
Director of Photography: Christian Möller
PRODUCTION: Expanding Focus GmbH, reallifefilm international GmbH und INVR.SPACE GmbH
PRODUCER: Alexander Herrmann, Sönke Kirchhof

Slave To Mortal Rage

Slave to Mortal Rage is a five minute VR installation created by CiRCA69 for HTC VIVE.

The installation is one part of a large scale immersive transmedia show combining 17 VR experiences, an augmented reality smartphone app, live electronic music performance and cinema. The work tells the story of a real life pulp fiction author who generated a number of conspiracy theories through a series of novels and other works he created from 1966 to 1998.

Slave to Mortal Rage finds us in the author's apartment in New York on the day of his death in 2010. On this day relatives discovered notes and drawings for an unfinished novel entitled Whilst The Rest Were Sleeping, which contained a climax to his body of work and raised further questions about the truth that lay behind the conspiracy theories.