Think Tank

Think Tank: The Future of Co-Production Markets

What is the future of co-production markets? How should they be designed to best meet the needs of the industry? These issues will be explored over a series of events held at major markets throughout the year – the first one taking place in Sarajevo on 19 August.

Co-production as a financing, production and placement model for the international art-house film market has ruled the industry for the past 20 years. Since the 80’s and the launch of Rotterdam’s CineMart, a massive digital evolution has occurred, changing the way we access information and entertainment, as well as our viewing habits. The industry has changed irreversibly, and it is still in the process of reshaping itself. The search is on for new narratives and new financial and distribution models, and the role of the audience in the production process is being redefined.

Can we stick to the model that has been crucial for the majority of the players on the international scene, or should it be changed from within? Different markets use slightly different presentation models, but the essential format of the co-production market has remained pretty much the same for years.

Among the questions to which we seek answers: What do we need, what do we miss, and what should be the new model of the market? Should our meeting format change, and if so, how? Are we launching too many projects? What is it that each of us is looking for when coming to the market? It is important to identify expectations and to formulate priorities. Further, it is essential to address the impact co-production markets have on the industry as a whole.

The Think Tank is an initiative of CineLink Industry Days together with the International Film Festival Rotterdam’s CineMart, Holland Film Meeting and Marché du Film, Next Pavilion, where the last sessions will take place and the final results will be presented to the public.

CineLink Industry Days, 19 August, 16:30 – 18:30

In Sarajevo, our aim is to shape the discussion in three directions:
1. Format of the Co-Production Market
2. Co-Production Markets – Relevance to the Industry
3. Co-Production Markets – Results and Follow-Up

Two hours, three tables. At each table, 10 people with different points of view, one moderator and two keynote speakers – we believe this should get the debate off to a good start.

We are not looking for a single answer or the new ultimate model; rather, we hope that many possible routes will be discussed, many perspectives shared and numerous solutions offered. We hope to continue this debate throughout the coming year the better to formulate the role of co-production markets and define the future model.