Talents 2016

Talents 2016
FOCUS 2016
In and Out of Light will be the underlying thematic focus for 2016. 
The 10th edition of Talents Sarajevo will shed a light on the interplay between the seen and the unseen in cinema. 
Made of appearances, cinema has always dealt with absences. Taken by what gets framed and what shown, it implies what is left out and what stays obscured. Throughout its history, cinema has affected viewers with on-screen sounds, as much as with sounds lurking from the off-screen spaces, with overwhelming noise as with sudden silence. The tangible work of actors, directors, DPs, editors, set, costume and sound designers, has always been in the spotlight, whereas the work of a larger part of the film industry remains invisible.
The interplay between the seen and the unseen, the heard and the unheard, brings to mind another important question: which films are being made and which will never see the daylight. The tension between the visible and the invisible, between the embodied and the pure potential will be in the focus of attention of emerging film professionals from Southeast Europe and Southern Caucasus gathered at Talents Sarajevo from August 14-20.

The Talents Sarajevo 2016 curriculum is structured as a six-day programme consisting of four major components: 

- Summit (master classes, moderated talks, interactive panel discussions, case studies)
- Project Labs (Script Station, Pack&Pitch)
- Studios (Acting Studio, Camera Studio, Film Stage Studio)
- Talent Press
The summit programme of Talents Sarajevo consists of a range of master classes, moderated talks, interactive panel discussions and case studies taking place at the Open Stage of the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo, the main Talents Sarajevo venue. The approximately 10-15 sessions draw on a yearly thematic focus. These Summit sessions are mainly curated in collaboration with a variety of festival programmes and platforms, e.g. Competition Feature, Short and Documentary, Open Air, Kinoscope, European Shorts, Regional Forum, Docu Rough Cut Boutique and Minimarket. Considering the intimate setting of the Open Stage, experienced filmmakers, taking part as experts, and the audience, composed of talents mainly, are encouraged to easily enter into a dialogue. 
Apart from the Summit sessions taking place at the Academy of Performing Arts, participants are invited to attend a few moderated talks, like Coffee with… or Career Interview, featuring guests of the Sarajevo Film Festival’s OPEN AIR and TRIBUTE TO… programme respectively.
In addition to the broad summit programme of master classes, case studies and panel discussions with top-notch experts gathered at the Academy of Performing Arts, Festival Square and the festival’s main Cinema Meeting Point, Talents Sarajevo offers two Project Labs in which scriptwriters, directors and producers can further develop and present their own projects. Additionally, Studio programmes, aimed at either specific groups of film professionals (Acting Studio, Camera Studio) or a combined group of all participating disciplines (Film Stage Studio), are offered as well. 
Script Station 
Participants: 8
Experts: 3-4
A lab, tailor-made for 8 talent scriptwriters consists of an introductory meeting, two one-on-one meetings between scriptwriting tutors and talent scriptwriters, and a group wrap-up meeting. Beside the group and one-on-one meetings between the experts and the talents, additional feedback session is organized in order to offer space to experts to discuss the talents' projects among themselves.
Within the frameworok of Script Station, three additional sessions, mainly a master class, a film analysis and a panel discussion, are curated meticulously to meet the needs of emerging scriptwriters. 
As of last year, Script Station was re-structured to accommodate 8 projects only and open space for a longer and more constructive discussions on specific script issues in order to encourage their further developments and do a necessary follow-up on the scriptwriters' work outside the festival dates. 
Participants: 6
Experts: 2
Producers and directors willing to take part in Talents Sarajevo are, since 2010, encouraged to submit their current projects (all formats, genres and lengths are acceptable) and apply for Pack&Pitch. Under the guidance of the project consultants and pitching trainers, six talents get the opportunity to analyze their project ideas thoroughly as well as to package them in written and oral presentations. At the end of the program, they get to show their results in a public presentation to the industry professionals attending the CineLink Co-Production Market and their colleagues from Talents Sarajevo.  Furthermore, a jury gives a feedback on the participants’ presentations and chooses the Best Pitch. The winner is awarded with an invitation to attend Sarajevo Film Festival’s Co-Production Market CineLink. Additionally, Sarajevo Film Festival grants the best pitch with one of the Film Festival partner award. As of last year, Talents Sarajevo Project Lab Pack&Pitch has a desk at the Industry Terrace, to facilitate communication with the SFF Industry guests and promote the project. This year, our ambition is to carefully schedule the one-to-one meetings between the industry professionals attending CineLink and the Pack&Pitch participants, after the public pitch. Prior to their meetings at the Industry Terrace, the participants will be mentored on how to present and discuss their projects the industry professionals in a timely manner. 
Acting Studio
Participants: 15-18
Experts: 1
The purpose of Acting Studio is twofold. On one hand, it is a workshop aimed at actors, where they get a chance to exchange their insights, rethink their artistry and enhance their acting skills. On the other, it is a preparation for Film Stage Studio, an interdisciplinary workshop, which includes 30 participants from all categories included in the program. 
A workshop, open for actors, consists of two parts. The first part further comprises a group exchange between the mentor and the Talent actors about former acting experiences and improvisation as such. The second part is based on a practical work with the actors involving improvisations. Apart from working with actors, Acting Studio coach works with a selected group of directors on the improvisation of three dialogue scenes that are in the center of Film Stage Studio. The coach helps directors step into actors’ shoes, feel exposed like actors are, as well as to learn to understand the work of actors. 
Film Stage Studio
Participants: 30
Experts: 2
Talents Sarajevo Film Stage Studio is designed to engage a number of all participating talent members - actors, directors, scriptwriters, producers, cinematographers and film critics - in a 5-day interdisciplinary workshop. 
Scriptwriters and directors are invited to submit a dramatic scene between two characters, with a dramatic turning point. Three most compelling scenes will be selected for the training purposes. The training will end with the presentation of the three scenes. 
The aim of Film Stage Studio is to actively engage a number of all talents in a multiple-day mentored training activity. The emphasis is not placed on the actual result, the final product, but on the experience, the process in which each participant is in one way or another engaged, challenged to a certain extent, provoked to take on another perspective and learn something new. In addition, the idea behind Film Stage Studio is to enable directors and actors to embody writers’/directors’ vision and assist them in visualizing what they have written so far. This way we see Film Stage Studio also as an encouragement for directors/writers to finish projects they have started working on.
Camera Studio
Participants: 5 
Experts: 1
Camera Studio is a workshop, open for 5 talent DPs, carefully designed and prepared in collaboration with a mentor. The workshop should spread over 3 days and end with the involvement of the 3 DPs in the Film Stage Studio.
Participants: 5
Experts: 3
Talent Press is a programme tailor-made for emerging film critics and journalists from the region of Southeast Europe and Southern Caucasus. Through this platform, film criticism is introduced as a principal tool for contextualization of filmmaking practices within the region and in relation to other European countries, and for further enhancement of film language. 
Five film critics are invited to Talents Sarajevo to review films and events throughout the entire festival.
Under the coaching of prominent film critics, participants are invited to articulate their impressions and insights in the form of written articles, interviews and radio coverages for the Talents Sarajevo website and those of its media partners.


3. Georgi Gotsin BULGARIA 
4. Judita Franković CROATIA 
5. Edi Ćelić CROATIA 
6. Daria Karić CROATIA 
7. Marina Symeou CYPRUS 
8. Pavlos Iordanopoulos GREECE 
9. Sara Klimoska MACEDONIA 
10. Maria Dinulescu ROMANIA 
11. Adina Stetcu ROMANIA 
12.Vlad Udrescu ROMANIA 
13. Jelena Puzić SERBIA 
14. Stefan Vukić SERBIA 
15. Erol Afşin TURKEY 
16. Nisan Arikan TURKEY 
17. Cemre Ebuzziya TURKEY 
1. Blerta Kelmendi ALBANIA 
2. Ovsanna Shekoyan ARMENIA 
4. Silva Ćapin CROATIA 
5. Zurab Demetreshvili GEORGIA 
6. Nikoleta Leousi GREECE 
7. George Teltzidis GREECE 
8. Paraskevoula Papageorgiou GREECE 
9. Danae Papaioannou GREECE 
10. Adam Breier HUNGARY 
11. Zgjim Terziqi KOSOVO 
12. Otilia Babara MOLDOVA 
13. Paula Maria Onet ROMANIA 
14. Sorin Poama ROMANIA 
15. Yuval Shapira ROMANIA 
16. Mitja Mlakar SLOVENIA 
17. Umit Dogan TURKEY 
18. Emre Kayis TURKEY 
19. Can Kilcioglu TURKEY 
1. Tajana Bakota CROATIA 
2. Dimitros Tsakaleas GREECE 
3. Ioanna Bolomyti GREECE 
4. Ioanna Peteinaki – Peteinaraki GREECE 
5. Cristina Ungurean MOLDOVA 
6. Neda Krkeljić MONTENEGRO 
7. Carla Fotea ROMANIA 
8. Bogdan Palici ROMANIA 
9. Adi Dizdarević SERBIA 
10. Nevena Tomić SERBIA 
11. Mojca Pernat SLOVENIA 
12. Suzan Guverte TURKEY 
13. Selin Karli TURKEY 
14. Ziya Cemre Kutluay TURKEY 
15. Nefes Polat TURKEY 
1. Decho Taralezhkov BULGARIA 
2. Simeon Ventsislavov BULGARIA 
3. Ivan Turković Krnjak CROATIA 
4. Athanasios Neofotistos GREECE 
5. Anastasia Xydi GREECE 
6. Ana Ćetković MONTENEGRO 
7. Simona Sava ROMANIA 
8. Murat Sarihan TURKEY 
1. Stefan Vrachev BULGARIA 
2. Dubravka Kurobasa CROATIA 
3. Dimitri Dekanosidze GEORGIA 
4. Simona Susnea ROMANIA 
5. Carmen Bianca Tofeni ROMANIA 
6. Yunus Roy Imer TURKEY 

1. Andreea Mihalcea, ROMANIA 
2. Andreea-Alexandra Patru, ROMANIA 
3. Janka Pozsonyi, HUNGARY 
4. Katerina Lambrinova, BULGARIA 
5. Orhan Emre Caglayan, TURKEY 
6. Petra Meterc, SLOVENIA 
1. „Former Education“ by Pilar Palomero, SPAIN / BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, Director 
2. „On leave“ by Silva Ćapin, CROATIA, Director 
3. „Hansel-A fairy tale with no name“ by Paraskevoula Papageorgiou, GREECE, Director 
4. „Love is not an Orange“ by Otilia Babara, MOLDOVA, Director 
5. „Private Party“ by Carla Fotea, ROMANIA, Producer 
6. „The Bus to Amerika“ by Nefes Polat, TURKEY, Producer 

1. Nikoleta Leousi, GREECE, Director 
2. Sorin Poama, ROMANIA, Director 
3. Can Kilcioglu, TURKEY, Director