Partner Country

In order to attract professionals from other parts of Europe and to stimulate stronger cooperation with various European countries CineLink Industry Days has been inviting different Partner Country delegations for 13 years. The aim of Partner Country initiative is to systematically strengthen the working relationship between film professionals and institutions from Southeast Europe and their international counterparts. The Partner Country Initiative has led to an increase in co-production and an enhanced circulation of film works between the participating countries and the region of Southeast Europe. Each delegation featured several types of film professionals, mainly producers, but also distributors, fund representatives and TV broadcasters.


Previous partner countries: Czech Republic & Slovakia (2016), Poland (2015), UK (2014), Germany (2013), France (2012), Switzerland (2011), Israel (2010), Sweden (2009), Ireland (2008), Cine Regio (2007), The Netherlands (2006), Germany (2005), Austria (2004).