Cinelink Co-Production Market Selection 2018

A Cup of Coffee and New Shoes On 
Director: Gentian Koçi
Writer: Gentian Koçi
Producer: Gentian Koçi, Blerina Hankollari
Production company: ARTALB FILM
Co-production company: Graal Films
Albania, Greece

Two identical inseparable deaf-mute twin brothers in their forties, discover that due to a genetic disease, they will separately, but progressively and irreversibly go blind. Slowly immersing into an unbearable silenced darkness, not being able to see the world and each other anymore, the two brothers have to make a strong decision. 

Director: Octav Chelaru
Writer: Octav Chelaru
Producer: Radu Stancu, Ioana Lascăr, Livia Rădulescu
Production company: deFilm

Mrs. Ivanovici, a 35-year-old religion teacher and wife of the town priest, begins a relationship with Iuliu, an audacious 16-year-old student of hers. Iuliu starts confessing to the priest. 

The Celts 
Director: Milica Tomović
Writer: Milica Tomović
Producer: Vladimir Vasiljević
Production company: EED Productions
Co-production company: Meander
Serbia, Montenegro

In the middle of the country’s breakup, three generations, equally hilarious and deranged, attend a child’s costume birthday party. 

Director: Adina Dulcu
Writer: Adina Dulcu
Producer: Tudor Giurgiu, Bogdan Crăciun
Production company: Libra Film Productions

An injury on the handball court pushes Ana to fight against the limits of her own body, but also against those of an entire corrupt society. This is the most important match of her career. Of her life. 

Director: Ferit Karahan
Writer: Ferit Karahan, Gülistan Acet
Producer: Kanat Doğramacı
Production company: Rumeli Hisarı Mah

At a repressive boarding school miles from anywhere, Yusuf’s(13) anxious to get his mysteriously sick friend to hospital. First, he’s thwarted by school bureaucracy, then, once this is overcome, by heavy snowfall. As they wait for roads to be cleared, teachers-students jostle to exonerate themselves from circumstances surrounding the boy’s mystery condition, revealing ruthless vendettas, hidden secrets in the process. 

The Elegy of Laurel 
Director: Dušan Kasalica
Writer: Dušan Kasalica
Producer: Jelena Angelovski
Production company: MEANDER FILM

The travels of a self-sufficient professor through several episodes of life and fantasy, in order to overcome contemporary narcissism. 

Erasing Frank 
Director: Gabor Fabricius
Writer: Gabor Fabricius, György Barathy
Producer: Gabor Ferenczy, Gabor Fabricius, András Muhi
Production company: Focusfox, Otherside Stories

1983: Frank, an angry kid from the streets with “no future”. With his punk band he realizes that the state banned their music because their words are political. Frank escapes to a psychiatric ward where Hanna, a young enemy of the system, joins him. Medication mutes Frank, but words of freedom are louder. 

Fiume o morte! 
Director: Igor Bezinović
Writer: Igor Bezinović
Producer: Tibor Keser, Vanja Jambrović, Fabrizio Polpettini
Production company: Restart
Co-production company: La Bête, NOSOROGI
Croatia, France, Slovenia

In the aftermath of World War I, Italian poet D'Annunzio conquered and declared the city of Fiume as his independent micro-state which soon made the small town the most liberal place on Earth. 

The Island Within 
Director: Ru Hasanov
Writer: Ru Hasanov
Producer: Orkhan Tarverdizade
Production company: Coyote Cinema
Co-production company: Arizona Productions
Azerbaijan, France

Vitaly Pronin lives on the island of Kur Dili on the Azerbaijani-Iranian border, alone, with no electricity or running water. It used to be a prosperous Soviet animal farm up until the Caspian Sea rose and destroyed the bridge connecting it to the mainland. Vitaly, now 67 years of age, enjoys the dusk of his life on the island with thousands of feral horses until his solitude is interrupted by Seymour, an emotionally and physically abused international chess grandmaster. 

May Labour Day 
Director: Pjer Žalica
Writer: Pjer Žalica
Producer: Pjer Žalica, Aida Huseinović
Production company: FORUM Association for Art and Culture
Co-production: Propeler Film, A.S.A.P. Films, Staragara, Bascelik, Artikulacija Film
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, France, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro

Armin returns to his hometown where he is taken on a quest where truth liberates but at the same time binds and hurts. 

Natural Light 
Director: Dénes Nagy
Writer: Dénes Nagy
Producer: Marcell Gerő, Sára László
Production company: Campfilm
Co-production company: Novak Prod, Mistrus Media
Hungary, Belgium, Latvia

March 1943. A Hungarian soldier is sent on a mission where he witnesses a mass murder. NATURAL LIGHT is about making decisions in a morally ambiguous world. 

Director: Matevž Luzar
Writer: Matevž Luzar
Producer: Petra Vidmar
Production company: Gustav Film

Events on wind orchestra tour should change band members lives, but they decide to sweep them under the rug. 

Safe Place 
Director: Juraj Lerotić
Writer: Juraj Lerotić
Producer: Boris T. Matić
Production company: Propeler Film
Co-production company: STARAGARA
Croatia, Slovenia

The family tries to save Damir from himself. The film takes place within 24 hours. 

Summer night, half past ten 
Director: Ivana Mladenović
Writer: Ivana Mladenović, Adrian Schiop
Producer: Jelena Mitrović, Ada Solomon
Production company: Film House Bas Čelik
Co-production company: Hi Film Productions
Serbia, Romania

Ana, a Serbian actress living in Romania, comes back to her hometown on the other bank of the Danube river to be the image of the music festival that celebrates the friendship between the two nations. But when she gets caught in political games, has a secret affair with a much younger boy and brings her Romanian friends for a provocative performance, nothing will go according to the plan. 

War and War 
Director: Efthimis Kosemund Sanidis
Writer: Efthimis Kosemund Sanidis, Elizampetta Ilia-Georgiadou
Producer: Yorgos Tsourgiannis
Production company: Horsefly Productions

Returning from war to attend his father’ s memorial ceremony, Ilias embarks on a journey for inner peace and reconciliation. 


The Enchanted Wanderer 
Director: Babak Payami
Writer: Babak Payami
Producer: Hussain Amarshi, Charles Wachsberg, Elda Ferri
Production company: Payam Films Inc, Jean Vigo
Canada, Italy

It takes the Bolshevik revolution, Nazi takeover of Germany and Fascism in Italy to transform the young Azeri Jewish boy, Lev Nussimbaum into Essad Bey, the famous writer who understood nothing from love. 

Director: Mehdi Hmili
Writer: Mehdi Hmili
Producer: Moufida Fedhila
Production company: Yol Film House
Co-production company: MPM Film, Tarantula Productions
Tunisia, France, Luxembourg/Belgium

Amel is released from prison after an adulterous affair. In the violent streets of Tunis, she seeks for her missing son. 

The Voice of Amirah 
Director: Khalifa Al-Thani
Writer: Khalifa Al-Thani
Producer: Mohammed Fakhroo
Production company: Doha Film Institute

After Amirah’s vengeful half sister Assyah steals her private journal; secrets unravel, jeopardizing her pursuit of an education and ultimately force her into an unwilling marriage.