The film.factory programme was created by Béla Tarr and officially began its work in February 2013 within the Sarajevo Sarajevo School of Science and Technology. film.factory has three types of activity.

Part of the programme consists of practical work in form of workshops. Experienced, renowned filmmakers, film artists and experts join the programme in intensive one to two week sets. They work closely with the film.factory young filmmakers, sharing their craft and practical knowledge through a collaborative process. The list of such visiting mentors is continuously expanding (Fred Kelemen, Gus Van Sant, Carlos Reygadas, Apichatpong Wheersethakul, Brothers Quay, Pedro Costa, Guy Maddin, Tilda Swinton, Cristian Mungiu, Edward Lachman, Kinga Keszthelyi , Gael Garcia Bernal, Juliette Binoche, Meinolf Zurhorst, Jean-Christophe Simon, Khavn dela Cruz, Laszlo Rajk, Sanja Džeba, Boris Lehman, Agnieszka Holand, Zeki Demirkubuz and James Benning).

In theoretical section of film.factory we study cinema through screenings, film analysis and discussions. Mentors for this part of the film.factory programme are some of the world’s most prominent film theorists, film historians and critics (Jean-Michel Frodon, Jonathan Romney, Jonathan Rosenbaum, Thierry Garrel, Manuel Grosso, Andras Renyi, Jytte Jensen,
Kirill Razlogov, Ulrich Gregor, Shozo Ichiyama, Enrico Ghezzi, Rasha Salti, Alin Tasciyan, Tanja Vrvilo).

The third and final part of the programme is the development and production of films by the film.factory. All young filmmakers shoot short films during the first two years of the programme. The final year of the programme for the DLA (PhD) candidates involves work on the realization of their feature films. All films are mentored by Béla Tarr.

Over 30 young filmmakers from all corners of the world participate in the programme, spanning four continents and over twenty countries. They’ve all moved to Sarajevo in pursuit of artistic freedom and fulfilment of their own vision of the future of cinema. All this makes film.factory not a traditional film school, but something akin to the Bauhaus movement – a laboratory set up with a goal to liberate the fantasy and the energy of the
new generation.