The documentary PERSONAL REVOLUTIONS - YOUNG, FEMALE, EGYPTIAN, directed by Alexandra Schneider, screened on 20 August, at Multiplex Cinema City, as part of the Competition Programme - Documentaries.

A documentary about four young Egyptian women with different social backgrounds who smartly fight for their ideals and rights after the revolution.  We meet the street activist Sharbat, who was kicked out of her house with her kids by her own husband due to her political engagement.  We follow the path of Fatema, who is an active Muslim Sister and mother of three little boys. We experience the struggle of Amani who runs her own radio station and a publishing company trying to enhance women's rights.  And we are with the Nubian May when she starts a development project in the conservative South of Egypt.

Alexandra Schneider was born in 1979 in Münsterlingen, Switzerland.  She grew up in Germany, USA, Denmark and in Linz (Austria). She studied Sociology in Vienna and Maastricht and worked for several years as sociologist before she began studying directing and editing at the Vienna Film Academy in 2006.  Since then, she has worked on film in Vienna, Europe and Egypt.  A selection of films she has directed includes AUNT TREE, FEMINA ENERGETICA and PRIVATE REVOLUTIONS.

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